Sunday, May 1, 2016

The April 30, 2016 deaths of young soccer stars Niklas Feierabend & Stefan Petrovski

Someone asked me to look into this, but I don't have the time.  Lightning strike?  Something sounds up.  He was struck April 5, which this year, was the 96th day of the year.

On the same day, this young man died in a car accident.  Coincidence?  There's some decoding to do.


  1. Both succumbed to their injuries---336, 2016

    1. Strange that the stricker struck an embankment killing all three in the back of the car, while the goalie was hit with a lightning strike. Thunder crashes after the lightning.

      Id say the striker missed the goal, but nailed the goalie.

      Both succumbed to their injuries. :)

    2. Also

      Petrovski- --135, 810, 1104
      Niklas Feireabend----135, 810, 327

    3. I love when random thought works out...

      Eighteen and Nineteen Year Old Youths Sacrfice- --430(Is that the Date?)....

      Add a D for Sacrficed and you get 434. When I see these type of digits I split the middle---43 34---and add 43+34=(right back to)77.

      777 and a 77.