Thursday, June 16, 2016

13 31 33 35 41 101 216 | Cavs defeat Warriors in Game 6, June 16, 2016

168 seconds from ESPN

Recall, historically, if the East wins the NBA Finals, the Democrats win the Presidential Election.  In this case, that would be Hillary Clinton, the former Senator from NYC.

Today was also the 168th day of the year.

The King scores 41 again.  41 is the 13th prime, and this was the last game of his 13th season in Cleveland.

The King is going for the "W" on 6/19/16.

6/19/16 = 6+19+16 = 41

The sum of 216-points is comical, because Cleveland is home of the 216 area code.

The 31-points to open and 35-points to close are likely no coincidence either.  LeBron is 31-years old right now, and 'basketball' has gematria of '31'.

35+31 = 66

Remember, LeBron became the first player to go to six straight NBA Championships since 1966.  The last player to do it was Bill Russell.  Notice the sum of points in the first quarter, '42'.  Keep in mind the Warriors and Cavs both retired #42 for Nate Thurmond.

The Warriors losing with 101 is also comical.  They're originally from Philly, winning the first NBA Championship 69-years ago, 1947.

As I continue to say, these games are scripted to the point.  Game 6 was a lock for Cleveland.