Thursday, June 16, 2016

33 99 101 103 111 216 666 | Lil Wayne's seizure scare before Game 6 of NBA Finals, June 16, 2016 (+Off Off Off Song release of June 8, 2016)

Lil Wayne's hometown of New Orleans has been a familiar place for death recently, let us decode his birth numerology and name to see what is coded within.

9/27/1982 = 9+27+19+82 = 137 (33rd Prime Number) (33-years old)
9/27/1982 = 9+27+(1+9+8+2) = 56
9/27/1982 = 9+2+7+1+9+8+2 = 38 (Death)
9/27/82 = 9+27+82 = 118 (Death)

His birthday is also the Jesuit Order's birthday, the date Pope Francis departed through 'Philadelphia', which was also Lil Wayne's 33rd birthday.

His name gematria also ties to Cleveland.

Remember, Cleveland is home of the (216) area code.  The would win Game 6 with a combined score of 216-points.

Also, King James is in his 13th season.

'King' James would score 41-points in Game 6, closing out his last game in Cleveland for his 13th season.  He also scored 41-points in Game 5, along with Kyrie Irving.

Earlier today a British politician was killed at age 41.

Notice that Lil Wayne is also currently 33-years old.

In recent week, Lil Wayne did a song for the NBA Finals and the Cleveland Cavaliers specifically.  'The NBA Finals' has gematria of '666' in English Format.  Recall if you sum 6x6x6 = 216, like Cleveland's area code and Lil Wayne's full birth name.

The name of the song is called 'Off Off Off'.

O = 15 = 6
F = 6
F = 6

OFF = 666
OFF OFF OFF = 666 666 666

Notice he released that track June 8th, the date of Game 3, a date that can be written 6/8 or 8/6.  Again, the first NBA Finals happened in '86, and those numbers are often associated with death.

From today until Lil Wayne's 34th birthday is 103-days.  Interesting that there was the shooting that recently killed a total of 50 people including the shooter, and injured 53 more, for a total of 103, matching the shooter's name as decoded earlier.

From the release of the song until his birthday is 111-days.

The 15-weeks and 6-days also pops.  Remember, if you write 'thirty-three', it sums to '156'.

I'm reminded how Pimp C died at age '33' from the 'purple'.