Saturday, June 11, 2016

22 27 33 42 44 47 74 88 91 137 144 | The death of Christina Grimmie in Orlando, FL, June 11, 2016 (NBA Finals Related)

As I always say, during the time of sports championships, celebrities get sacrificed.  This "22' year old singer's death comes in the time of the 'basketball' championship.

Her name also has a connection to '33', which ties in well with the NBA Finals.

6/11/16 = 6+11+16 = 33 (Date of Death)

Notice she was killed in Orlando, Florida, a fitting place for being killed.  It also has a connection to '44', the big number in basketball these days.

What I am also reminded of is Dylann Storm Roof's t-shirt, in the made for TV shooting hoax psychological operations.  Notice he was wearing #88, the big number in media and in the NBA Finals in the hours before Grimmie's death.

Dylann Roof = 52 (Prophecy)
Dylann got the 33 count 'federal' indictment...

Here are some other things that stand out about her name.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74

From her twenty-second birthday until her date of death, was 91-days.  I guess now she can be "free".

The name Christina also has a connection to 'Philadelphia', the city of focus in the basketball season.

Also, the emphasis on 'The Voice' stands out for multiple reasons.  One, 'voice' has gematria of '54', connecting to important words such as 'sun' and 'love'; it is often paired with '93' in ritual sacrifice.

The NBA Finals are heading back to 'Oracle Arena' where the Warriors win streak was snapped at 54-games this year.

Voice also has gematria of '27'.  Hello '27' club.

The Voice also has gematria of '42', connecting to 'Freemason', NBA Finals and more.

Freemason = 42
NBA Finals = 33/42
Stephen = 33/42
LeBron James = 42/51
Female = 42
Lady = 42
Bitch = 42