Friday, June 10, 2016

35 44 53 88 97 161 | 'Trump Sucks' streaker at end of Game 4 in Cleveland was staged! (Scripted NBA & Presidential Election)

The end of Game 4 in Cleveland ended with a 'streaker' running onto the court with 'Trump Sucks' written on his chest....  Cleveland lost with 97 points... and Cleveland will be hosting the upcoming Republican Convention, which Trump is supposed to be front and center of.

It's all part of the divide and conquer, civil war agenda.

Keep in mind, the Warriors earned their 88th win of the season tonight, and there was a lot of 88 in the news today, including the death of Gordie Howe in Toledo, Ohio.

The phrase 'Trump Sucks' has gematria of the Golden Ratio, known as 'Phi'.  June 10 is also typically the 161st day of the year.

In Pythagorean Gematria, it also synchs well with 'King James'.

Trump Sucks = 2+9+3+4+7+1+3+3+2+1 = 35/44/53/62
King James = 2+9+5+7+1+1+4+5+1 = 35/44/53

Phi = 16+8+9 = 33 (NBA Finals) (Cleveland)


  1. Fuck! Cleveland sucks and Lebron is a career loser. Wow

    1. You think it's over? I'm still with cavs in 7.

    2. Why have you changed your mind? You were with Cavs originally weren't you?

    3. Warriyahtruth is a joke. dude was so confident in cavs lol

    4. C'mon Mike you just said gs was done in the other post so who's the joke now.

    5. Why do you guys respond to Mike? He is a fucking jew troll. A guy shows up with the name manning during the time of the Super Bowl and you can't put two and two together? Notice I never interact with Mike, I have always ignored him. Warri faggot thinks I was letting him be, but I was just ignoring him for the troll he was. Stop interacting with this turd. I am not able to ban people, otherwise I would ban him, Warri Turd and more.

    6. Because you're nothing more than a shill who loves Jews so much that you always talk about them. Give me a break.

    video of it and this dude is a Youtuber.

  3. Zach you're wrong on this one lol. The guy that was streaking was a YouTuber named VitalyZDTV who has done it before lol. Everyone on Instagram was telling him to streak the game when he posted that he was there and he did. Saying that him running on the court was scripted is ridiculous now.

    1. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy = 89. He went on just before King James (89) scored cavs 89th point.

      VitalyZDTV = 161. June 10th is typically the 161st day of the year
      VitalyZDTV = 44

      Hes from Murmansk, Russia.

      Murmansk = 29. Ohio = 29

      Russia 24, - He turned 24 94 days ago.

      Born 3/8/1992 - 3+8+19+92 = 122. Golden State = 122.

      You think thats all coincidence? That took me 5 mins to work out and i bet ive missed much more. He was chosen and probably paid a hefty sum to do this.

    2. Look how well thought out this was.

      The youtuber originally got famous of a Miami Zombie prank back in 2012 (When Lebron was at the heat) He later did a sequel to the prank in 2015, guess were he did it? Ohio.

      He currently lived in Miami, Florida and know lives in California. But i guess all thats just coincidence...

    3. Before you dismiss as 'just another prankster'
      Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has almost 2 million subs.

      Vitalyzdtv = 161
      "TRUMP SUCKS" = 161

      Obviously a coincidence

      Pay attention to time 4:14 in the following,

      Promotional prank for an upcoming documentary?
      On a "Secret Mission" ( from June 9)
      "Secret Mission" = 168, 60
      Pranksters = 141, 42

      And Vitaly's multi millionaire producer with billions of views,
      Roman Atwood of Ohio.

      What's a billion views worth these days?

    4. The difference from Los Angeles to Oakland? 5 hours 14 mins.. or 314 mins. 3.14? Pi? Maybe that is an actual coincidence haha

    5. You think maybe Atwood has a few NBA friends?

    6. Anymore, I consider YouTube view counts to be fictions along with the vote ups and vote downs.

      Look at how often they are some magical number or a multiple.

    7. You guys are actually retarded lmfao. That's all I'll say. It doesn't even make any sense lmao. If that was "part of it" tell me what was the point? They completely could have went without it and they didn't even show it on tv. Its common sense. Now you're going to say Vitaly is part of the NBA being rigged. And you're going to dissect his name and shit wtf. If anyone even told him the NBA was rigged he would say it to his whole YouTube channel he's a really outspoken person lol. But whatever.

    8. Long Island Street Wear is clearly a jew faggot. Has anyone seen this jew faggot post here before? Fuck you jew faggot. We see through your bullshit. I'm right on it all motherfucker. Take a hike.

    9. Lol I'm a Jew Faggot? Wtf. Yes I have commented on your videos before actually. But I guess I'm a part of the rigging too lmfao. Do my name next. It's Dominick Cona. Use that and try to link it to last nights game. It's getting pathetic. Im also friends with you on Facebook but I guess I'm just another reptilian with the simple plan of rigging sports. Debate me I dare you. But you won't because your logic is driven by fantasy. My brother and I used to laugh at you but it got old lmao

    10. lol it's also funny to point out how you think you're always 100% right all the time when you're wrong. One of my brothers used to be like that. It's really not a good trait to have. You should actually let people from the other side of the argument put in their thought too. But whoever goes against you is a Zionist Jew Faggot who helped do 9/11. Ok buddy. Keep dreaming

    11. Also Reid. I want you to get your information right so I'll help you out. Vitaly, who I used to watch all the time and some others has a little over 9,000,000 subs. Just here to help the Jews I MEAN THE TRUTH SEEKERS. I sware I'm not a Jew. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    12. LISW,
      You're missing the point! In the rigging game only one need give the order. The others merely follow
      Not saying that this is what happened could be!...

      NBA (player or exec) contacts Fousey or Atwood or even LIONSGATE pictures.
      The one finally contacting the bruh bruh's Says "I want you to prank the NBA Final and do it with Vitaly as a streaker marked up with TRUMP SUCKS. You'll get the free press for your new movie and YouTube channels and we won't press charges."
      Atwood or Fousey agree and contact Vitaly.
      Vitaly's agrees to do it and Atwood or Fousey mark him up.
      No one need ever be told that they are part of the plan.
      Their own wants and desires are used to make them unknowingly part of the plan.
      Simple enough really.

      I'm sure if you asked Vitaly he'd have no idea what he was part of!

    13. Yeah but Fousey isn't higher up on the ladder either. And I've met Yousef he's not like that. He's not a part of this either. And he isn't a Jew lol he's Muslim. But whatever. Even though me and many other people were telling him to streak on Instagram, it was the Jews that made him do it. Lol ok.

    14. Well I didn't meet Yousef I can't explain it lol. But yeah like I said come on. Like seriously. What point would this have in rigging the NBA? Give me something other than numbers. Give me a reason WHY they would have Vitaly run out on the court having it not even be on tv. For what?

    15. They do it to drum up business. If he's out running around without shirt during championship games, it gives people like you a reason to watch his channel. That' how they generate ad revenue.

    16. They never show a streaker on TV, if they can help it. I wonder how he even got tickets? It isn't very easy for a non-local to get tickets to a Finals game without knowing someone. Also, TrumpSucks in the city where Trump will be leading the Republican convention soon? And being on his Instagram and egging him on is exactly how he fools you. He tells you that you guys made him do it, when he was already going to do it? Must have gotten real nice seats too, to be close enough. I've never been to a NBA playoff game, but I've been to a few regular ones, and you can't just walk your happy ass down there.

      Now find out how long he spends in jail, then get back to sucking his dick.

    17. Oh, you're that ugly fucking jew faggot. Did you see how jmontz put you to shame and you ignored what he told you? Get lost fag boy. And yes, I am right about everything. Do you see this blog? Do you see what I have exposed? More than the rest of humanity combined. Fuck calling the sports outcomes right, that doesn't matter in the scheme of things. What does matter is that it is all scripted by jew faggots like you, and it is intertwined with the other jew narratives being put out by the worthless filth your related to. I always find it funny how you fucking losers try to be my Facebook friend, which you are no longer and haven't been for months. For the record guys, this troll is always harassing my Facebook page like the worthless fucking queer piece of shit he is.

    18. He's not "just a common youtuber" he's got over a billion views. He's basically part of the MSM at that point.

    19. GREAT POINTS ! No coincidences . Long Island is a wannabe jew bitch . That guy must be his fuck buddy

    20. Zach who's jmontz. Lol first day on your blog just getting used to the delusion. You'll have to walk me through it. I don't know what's with you and Jews lmao. "More than the rest of humanity combined" and still hasn't had a single impact on anyone's life. Nice one. Seems everytime someone asks to debate your schizophrenic self and your "followers" you shy away. Wipe the autism off of your face before you reply and go get a job. Or did you "give up money". Yeah I'm sure you "gave up money" with a house and clothes. Again, nice try. You're so far gone that I don't even feel it's necessary to even think about getting a logical response from you. I guarantee it will be calling me a "Jew faggot" or something. Whoever jmontz is I'd love to debate him. And you. But you never will. You all hide in your little rocks when someone brings actual logic to the table. Why don't you actually try and contribute something to society you dumb fucking failure. I guarantee your mom is so disappointed that she had a retard as a child. Oh well. If it's a nother waste of oxygen I have to disprove, whatever. I would be surprised if someone didn't gematria my words and link me to like Obama or something absolutely astounding like that. Take your -16 IQ level ass out of here you imbecile. A dead animal on the street has more logic and common sense than you. Oh and before I go, I left your peanut butter and jelly in the fridge and some directions on how to find it. Don't cook anything you might burn your house down. Peace out faggot.

    21. Oh and last thing. The trying to add you on Facebook is just for the easy task of fucking with you. It's so easy to get you going. You're always an excellent source of entertainment.

    22. Also Vitaly Zdorovetskiy doesn't equal 89 nice lies. It's 278 in simple gematria. Nice try faggot. Murmansk doesn't equal 29. All of this guys numbers are lies. It's hilarious. All of these delusional motherfuckers care about being right more than about finding the "truth" None of that is even accurate. Take that shit off of your blog.

    23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    24. Vitaly in Simple Gematria Equals: 89

      "Zdorovetskiy" in the English Ordinal system equals 189

      "Murmansk" in the English Reduction system equals 29

    25. Lol it was one of Zachs go to insults. Just trying it out.

  4. Voice Alum, Christina Grimmie (age 22) was shot and killed at the Plaza Live in Orlando last night.

    Grimmie = 444, 74

    Plaza Live at 28N, 81W

    1. From the shooting last night (6/10/16) to the end date of this year's Ramadan eid-al-fitr (7/7/16) is 28 days.

  5. Cavs are no chance 3 in a row is not gunna happen! it is fake but cavs not ment to win

  6. Lmao too anyone thinking this wasn't a hoax this guy has well and truly been bought and sold.. Nice work Zach.

  7. The Gatorade Commercial with Dwayne Wade Again. Hint's at it. 16 second mark. "A Streaker At A Hockey Game?" Gordie Howe dies the day we get the Streaker At Game 4 NBA Finals.

    Penguin Story from this week. Just waiting on the Yeti & Corvette News Story ..

    1. "May 25, 2016 5:33 PM EDT - At a rally in Anaheim, Calif., on May 25, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he has "a store that's worth more money than" Mitt Romney. He also said the 2012 Republican candidate was "stupid," a "choker," and that he walks like a penguin."

      "2012" Republican Candidate....

      Lebron won the NBA finals in 2012....

      "Mitt Romney" = 912
      (a lot like 216)

      Trump said "he's a choker"....& he "choked like a dog"...

      "Choked Like A Dog" = 660 / 186

      He also called him a loser.... and said
      "I Understand Losers" = 1302

      and.. "you can make a lot of money with losers"..

      also said...
      "Once A Choker Always A Choker = 1440 /240

      "Walks Like A Penguin" = 1140

      If this is some kind of foreshadowing of the nba finals..

      Then it seems pretty obvious who he was talking about.

      The choker comments.... and the whole "you can make a lot of money with losers"....... sounds an awful lot like lebron james....

      guess we'll find out soon enough...

    2. Also i realized that If cavs lose game 7...

      Then the Cavaliers Career playoff record would end with...

      (666 upside down)

      99+90 = 186

      Lil waynes song..
      "Off off off" = 186

      Game 7 will be lebron's 1,186th career game.

      Cavs would play a total of "21 games" in the playoffs this season if it goes 7...

      "Twenty One Games" = 186

      Game 7 will be the warriors and cavs "120th" game against each other...

      "Hundred Twenty" = 1086

      Coach took over the cavs "18 weeks, 6 days before the playoffs.

      Plus the "99-90" wins would fit the...

      "Cavaliers = 909 / 90

      Falling..... on..... their..... numbers :/

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @ jmontz, teams are 0-32 in the finals when down 3-1.

    Cleveland would be number 33
    Cleveland = 33

    It fits perfectly.

    What is going me a little reprieve is the number 88.

    Tarheels = 88 - lost
    Oklahoma City Thunder = 88
    OKC lost last game with 88 points
    Trump = 88 (obviously losing)
    Nyquist lost after going 8/8
    Gordie Howe died at 88
    Dale Earnhart died wearing number 88
    Warriors have 88 wins

    1. Remember
      Poison = 88
      Program = 88

    2. I never left them, I am sticking with my pick. The gematria lines up in the Cavs favor. BUT the statistics of 0-32 from 3-1 down are not. The only way the come back is if it is rigged. I think the whole world would see and I don't know how the NBA could down play that

    3. You were saying it was over before lol.

    4. And it very well could be. If the Cavs lose then I will admit I was wrong

    5. draymond green might get suspended

    6. He should. I def think Cavs win game 5, no doubt with or without Draymond.

    7. Isn't it interesting how we accept that the games are rigged and yet we still think a series is over when a team is down 1-3? Statistically it's unlikely, but that's irrelevant if it's scripted.
      By putting them on match point, it makes the Cavs face elimination in every remaining game, and if they got to game 7 that would be great for ratings.
      And obviously everyone is expecting GS to win now, so I'm guessing if the cavs won in the end, Vegas would win big time.

      Could the Warriors comeback from 1-3 over OKC be foreshadowing for this finals?
      I also can't forget that Cavs came into playoffs with 57 wins (championship connection) and 69 wins into the finals (cleveland cavaliers=69)

    8. Rigged you've finally overcome your emotions! This shit is going 7

    9. Look, Cavs can come back from 3-1 down to win. Throughout history sports a littered with miraculous comebacks and they used these moments to promote sports in the future. They bring emotion and are the Unique selling point for the powers that be to continue to promote sports.

      Look ive just seen Leicester city win the premier league. 38 game season they nearly got relegated the year before.

      Theres odds at the start of the season were 5000/1 to win the league, so i think the cavs turning it round isn't to suspicious!

  9. you people on here all got brain damage. this shit is a joke

    1. I'm assuming you can find your own way out?


      See ya retard

    3. I'd rather read 100 back-to-back-to-back Milo posts than read one more of your retarded, wishy-washy, bitching ass bullshit comments. Take advice from Zach and team up with Warri-retard and Joseph Gastelimp nuts and go fuck off!

  10. Lake Erie Monsters just won a championship! The Monsters won their first series 4-2, and swept the Ontario Reign.

    Ontario does have Jewish Gematria of 330 like Akron's area code where Lebron is from. and as always there's the 33.

    From the time the AHL Playoffs Started Until the end date is a span of 57 days. Obviously = championship.

    There was a picture caption showing the saves and shots for both teams. Monsters had 33 shots and 23 saves! No surprises there. Hershey Bears had 23 shots and 32 saves. This is what's weird though.

    Combined Monsters Saves and Shots = 56 Combined Bears = 55
    56+55 = 111 much like NBA Finals

    I'm still goin' cavs in 7, but there's a lot of freakin' connections for GS too.

  11. so anyone think the warriors will win game 5??

    1. If they do win the series, I doubt it will be game 5, most likely game 7 either way.

  12. It's their 104th game, even if Draymond doesn't play I think they have a chance. They won game 1 with 104 points, 104 days after 2/19. "Back to Back Championship"=219 Got 73rd win on 104th day of year beating "Grizzlies"=131=Championship 125-104. "One hundred Twenty Five"=104. Only scored 125 point 2 other times in the regular season. Against the Pelicans on 3/14 or 2 months 19 days before Finals, and against the Bulls on 1/20 125-94=219. "Warriors win Back to Back Championships"=161 TrumpSucks=161 Vitalyzdtv=161 10/4 also the day that leaves 88 days in the year.

    1. I forgot to write that "One Hundred Four"=168=Cleveland Cavaliers though.