Wednesday, June 1, 2016

33 | Snoop Dogg not happy about Roots coming back on Memorial Day

Snoop D O Double G on 'Roots'?  It's getting thirty-three in here.

Dogg = 4+15+7+7 = 33

Roots = 9+6+6+2+1/10 = 24/33

It's because we're all slaves, that's why Memorial Day.


  1. Well I'm black in I could care less if you ask me they clearly did this on purpose to make black ppl mad in push the race war

  2. "Hey black people, this is what you should be outraged about today!" - Mainstream Media

  3. Don't forget Snoop, America made you rich.

    1. There is a reason Eazy-E is dead, and Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are not. What did Eazy-E call them? Yes, "studio gangsters". That means jew bitches. Ice Cube did a song about how these guys really getting fucked in the ass, literally, by the jew record store owners. I'm pretty sure Ice Cube does now too.

    2. Easy e spike a lot of truth that why they killed him . You ppl on YouTube saying he died by leathal injection

      In yes snoop in Dre getting fucked up the ass it's called the gay ritual all of the big stars have to do

  4. It's like sneaky advertising.

    The story s underlying message: Hey, in case u somehow missed the hype Roots has been remade and it's so contraversal! Look, Snoop Dog - well know black man - is outraged by this, outraged! Be sure not to miss this show as everyone will be talking about it and u will be socially awkward if u don't have an opinion. Possibly even lose all your friends go crazy from loneliness and turn into one of those crazed loner killers that we see everywhere nowadays.