Wednesday, June 1, 2016

78 93 144 314 | The death of Jan Crouch 78-days after her 78th birthday, May 31, 2016

This lady reminds me why I'm not a Christian.

Notice Jan Crouch died in Orlando, Florida... fitting.

The name Jan Crouch has the same gematria as 'Saturn', keeper of 'time'.

Orlando, Florida has gematria of '144', like 'time'.

Her birth numerology stands out as well, being born on March 14, or Pi Day.  Recall the thing about the first 144 decimal points of Pi...

3/14/1938 = 3+14+19+38 = 74 (Jesus) (Cross) (Masonic) (Jewish)
3/14/38 = 3+14+38 = 55 (Satan)

She died 78-days after her 78th birthday.  Remember, records spin at 78 RPMs.


  1. I always thought she and Tammy Faye Baker were really men. I just never saw an actual woman get that dolled up.

    Drag Queen for Jesus---1230

    1. I think you could be spot on aha!!!


    2. Her giant wigs really were mesmerizing. Once while flipping channels I caught this music video of her walking along a beach wearing a long frilly dress and an enormous pink wig -kinda like a My Lil Pony curly mane that didn't move once even as the wind was clearly blowing around her. She was burbling in a baby voice some long syrupy story about someone with cancer or something and their brave faith, blah, blah while music played dramatically. It went on for ages the winds kept playing peek-a-boo wth her dress as she walked and the camera zooming in on her mask like makeup, getting more and more emotional and tears were rolling down her cheeks then she suddenly screamed "Praise Jesus!" and burst into this sort of Barbara Streisand type churchie song.
      I thought it was one of the most amazing pieces of performance art I'd ever seen. Of course, i was pretty stoned att;-)

    3. Both Jan and Tammy Faye Baker remind me alot of Divine so I would not doubt they r men.

      Televangelists in drag seems to mimic the Catholic Church with its priests in long dresslike robes, love of gaudy gold decor and fabulous jewel encrusted relics. The Vatican looks like it was decorated for Liberace. Jan Crouch's wig was so big it had its own wig, but the popes hat is even taller. Also those towel roll turban things that Muslims wear, hmm.

      The higher the hair the closer to God, right? Maybe they just need that stuff to cover up their antennas.

    4. Exactly what I was thinking. The hair is like the Pope's hat. Bigger hat or hair the closer to the Almighty. And Divine! !! Yes!! That is exactly who they look like. Men in drag eating dog shit.

  2. Hmm I seen an article yesterday with the nfl moving the pro bowl to Orlando Florida

  3. Hmm I seen an article yesterday with the nfl moving the pro bowl to Orlando Florida

  4. The Trinity Broadcasting Network was founded by Pentecostals for the most part. Most Televangelists are Pentecostals or similar.

    So maybe this is coincidence or not.

    Pentecostal - 7+5+5+2+5+3+6+10+2+1+3 = 49 Py with S exception
    The 49th prime is 227 the pi formula.

    The Trinity Broadcasting Network - 2202 in English (148 SE)
    I think I've seen 2202 come up in an other time reference.

    1. Janice -- 42/24/658
      Wendell -- 75/30/994
      Bethany -- 75/30/556
      Crouch -- 68/32/344
      Janice Wendell Bethany Crouch -- 260/116/2552
      and 363 in the Bacon Method.

      Interesting numbers.