Tuesday, June 14, 2016

41 43 50 122 | Noor Salman, the 'wife' of the Orlando, Florida shooter to potentially be charged


And why am I thinking of the upcoming WrestleMania 33 after this decode?

Notice the 10:22 post time, it connects to the name of the 'wife', Noor Salman.

Noor = 14+15+15+18 = 62
Salman = 19+1+12+13+1+14 = 60
Noor Salman = 122 (Freemason)

The name Noor Salman also connects to the number killed, '50', now including the shooter.

Noor = 5+6+6+9 = 26
Salman = 1+1+3+4+1+5 = 15/24
Noor Salman = 41/50

Her name reminds me of film noir.

Working the 'wife' into the massacre fits with the reporting by the numbers.

Wife = 23+9+6+5 = 43 (Massacre)

You have to appreciate the name of the '33' year victim shown above.

Martin Benitez Torres = 107 (Shooting)

I covered the Disneyland angle in an earlier post.  It is ripe for a shooting, something they've been hinting at for years.



  1. I see 122 again... watch out San Fran?

  2. I see 122 again... watch out San Fran?

    1. When they brought her out of the Court House, they had her wearing a sweatshirt with a giant '86' on it. You should find that video for your video, i'm sure you will find it useful.

    2. Jake, I saw the 86 on her hoodie an a news report on TV, but I can't find a video or picture on line. Here is the closest I can find so far:


      You can see the hoodie and part of the 8 but not the 86. They seem to be concealing it for some reason.

      So 86 is a key.

    3. +Ed Maphis...
      I realized as I watched it that the info was right on the video link I posted regarding SF link below, I was able to get this screenshot for you of the 86 on the back of the sweatshirt...

      At the 5.02 minute mark!

    4. Oh no, I'm sorry... the video said it was 5:02 PM and it's actually at the 42 second mark.

  3. Check out the first two Tenants to host the stadium where WrestleMania 33 will be held...

    Orlando Broncos
    Orlando Panthers


  4. Reading about Disney springs and then now I'm seeing breaking news of 2yr old dragged into lake by a gator at the resort at 9:30pm. Do you think this has something to do with shooting? My parents are there at disney on vacay. Crazy this is happening.

  5. All this is connected to wrestlemania.. Has to be.

  6. Of course it is connected to Wrestlemania, like it or not WWE, the McMahons, and wrestling are a big deal to the Masonic Rigged Sports. Who do you think showed them how to do it so well?

    Of course, as cliche as it sounds, everything is connected. Mainly, if it's on the TV, it is part of the World Wide Web.

  7. San Francisco link...

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    1. Happy Two Hundred and Fortieth!!!!---318, 1908, 2323