Thursday, June 9, 2016

42 64 96 152 153 168 216 226 | Obama endorses Hillary Clinton, June 9, 2016 (Bernie to meet with Hillary)

Hmmm.... remember, the Clinton political dynasty dates back to the beginning of the country, and New York City.

402 is comparable to '42'.

And just to confirm they were going for 'NYC'....

The White House is on 'Pennsylvania' Ave.  From today until November 8 is a 152-days later.  This endorsement comes from the man living on the Ave.

The November 8 election follows by a span of 153-days.  We know how they love to pair '153' with '42'.

Notice also the span of 21-weeks and 6-days, something like '216'.  The 44th President is born on 8/4, the 216th day of the year.

Did you know that if you sum the divisors of 44, it totals 84?

To bring this back to 153, who remembers the name of Barack's Attorney General?

Here is a link to 'Loretta Lynch by the numbers'...

Here are some past posts on Loretta Lynch.  She was born in '59 too...

The sum of the divisors of 42 are 96, and Hillary ran her campaign 96-years after that right was earned by women, June 4, 1919.

Portland, OR is 503 area code, (Portland, OR = 174)

CNN was sure to emphasize '96' yesterday.

Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64
Hillary "clinched" the nomination two-days after the 97-year ratification of the document.

That makes me think of one important title.

Slave = 59

One last point, from today until inauguration day is a span of 226-days, which reminds of her husband Bill Clinton, and the date of the '93 WTC Bombing, February 26, 1993.

In the movie Taxi Driver it is building 226 where the major homicide scene transpires and there is something up with Taxi Driver right now, as we know.

And then I have to laugh, 32-weeks and 2-days.  Well played.

Here are some 226 words... it must be in there somewhere.

Taxi Driver and 226: