Thursday, June 9, 2016

59 96 152 | Why the Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup June 9, 2016 (The Hillary Clinton Tribute)

Let us begin by decoding ESPN's pre-game headline.

Today is June 9, written 9/6 in many parts.  The 'Stanley' Cup could be decided today.

Notice the use of the word 'epic'.

Epic = 5+16+9+3 = 33
Stanley = 1/10+2+1+5+3+5+7 = 24/33

Today is 152-days until the election.... Pennsylvania = 152

The White House is on Pennsylvania Ave.

Let's also take a look at the star player of the Penguins and how things line up.  I love that he wears #87.

From Hillary Clinton's birthday to inauguration day is 87-days.

Born on 8/7 in '87 and #87?

From today until Sidney Crosby's birthday is 59-days.  Guess what the name Sidney Crosby equals?

Pittsburgh = 7+9+2+2+1/10+2+3+9+7+8 = 50/59

In the same way the NBA codes 82 on their star players, it seems the NHL does as well.  Just the other day I covered Allen Iverson and 82, another Pennsylvania star.

Keep in mind Pittsburgh and Cleveland aren't too far from each other.


  1. nice timing on your post too 1:31pm

  2. Penguins = 51 like Lebron James, Cleveland Cavs

    The line for the game tonight is -165 like 16-5, the playoff record the Cavs would have if they win in game 7.

  3. 2 hours and 11 minutes = 131 minutes

    Fitting for the distance between championship cities.

    1. Yes, and since the distance is 132 miles, you could travel by:

      Boaty McBoatface -- 132 SE

  4. I've been centering my research around Sidney Crosby =158, and sure enough the Pens won on the 158th day in a tribute to Crosby.

    His nickname is Sid The Kid =239, & we always need one of those, ha.

    Sidney is also the "C"aptain & "C"enter on the team. If we ad 3 for C to Sidney Crosby =158 +3 =161, & today is the 161st day.

    I mentioned the letter P in an earlier comment - P=16. Sixteen =33. P for Pittsburgh, Penguins, & Pennsylvania. PPP =48. Obama =84. Game Five =408. Pittsburgh =840.

    1. The White House =166, & its address is 1600 Penn Ave - more 16 coding probably for the year 2016 - 216 - 6x6x6.

  5. WAIT SO WHERES THAT IDIOT MIKE Manning telling people to put down Money on the Sharks giving no reason? Zach can you please ban him come on now.

    1. Your not much better than him saying UNC was gonna win it all haha.

    2. I cannot ban anyone. If I could, you would be banned yourself. You and Mike are both idiots in my book. That said, you at least try to bring something to the table.

    3. I didn't tell people to bet UNC to win vs Villanova. It's fine though you call flat earthers retards and you go on Crow777 it's funny but according to you the Cavs aren't a lock which then reminds me of your video on OKC Up 3-1!

      No shit I bring stuff to the table I said GSW would go to 7 and win and you're deleting my comments.

      You called Mike A Jew agent but deleted my comments and let him stay? Funny because I called him a troll and was the first to see it? Yet you couldn't?

      Do I need to say more? Did you ever go to Vegas and bet on the Pats like you said for the Super bowl?

      Remember I told you to make a video of it and post it on YouTube!!!

      Hoe dumb was that comment go down to Vegas to bet on a favorite that all the MSM Outlets were pushing?

      Watch who you call an idiot lol

    4. are you still committed to warriors in 7 warri? Just curious, im a gematria nub but seems like some evidence is mounting for cavs. Though Zach keeps saying theres narratives both ways

    5. Warri you care way too much about who's right or wrong, or who picked the winner first. Gather the info, make your own conclusion, make your bets and let the chips fall

    6. Yes Jeremy, rooting for our picks -- which I've been guilty of myself -- gives this thing energy, and makes us no different than the people who blindly follow sports teams (which I was guilty of as well). We must find a way to disengage.

  6. Will smith one of Alis pallbearer

  7. Replies
    1. 2-2, that was quick. 13 minutes left in 1st.

    2. Lol yes it was
      penguins scored 2 goals in 22 seconds to make it 2-2

    3. Pens cant get the puck in the net despite innumerable attempts. Unbelievable!

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    5. I noticed to ryler they seem to be hitting the poles a lot. the magnetically controlled goal posts

  8. Bryan Rust born 5/11 (131st day of the year).
    Bryan Rust went to Notre Dame.
    Connection to Euro 16, which I think the "Fighting Irish" will win.
    Jeff Hendrick born on 1/31.

  9. Zach I found some people on twitter who also use Astrology to predict sports events. One of them being Gary the Numbers guy. Check out these tweets they posted in regards to Cavs.

    2004- Monkey Year
    Spurs vs Lakers
    7 Life Path Dragon Tim Duncan
    Spurs go up 2-0
    Spurs lose 4 straight
    2016- Monkey Year
    Cavs vs Warriors
    7 Life Path Dragon Curry
    Warriors up 2-0
    ...result pending...

    2006 Finals
    Heat down 2-0
    Had 28 Life Path Shaq & 11 Life Path DWade
    Win 4 straight
    2016 Finals
    Cavs down 2-0
    Have 28 Life Path Rat Lebron & 11 Life Path Kyrie
    ...result pending...

    2007(9year) Patriots go 16-0
    Best regular season ever = Lost SB
    2016(9year) Warriors 73-9
    Best regular season ever = ??
    History repeats

    Last coach to blow 2-0 Finals lead:
    Coach Avery Johnson with Dallas(2006) born in 1965
    Warriors up 2-0
    Coach Steve Kerr born 1965...

    I don't know much about Astrology but it seems like its part of the equation

    1. I follow him too. I mentioned him to zach some time ago. I keep up with him to know about astrology. I learned some things.

      1965 is a snake year and is enemies of monkey 2016.

    2. I believe that astrology play's a major part. We often talk about prophecy, destiny and fate when working these things out it makes sense for your life number to factor into these things as well.

      After all we use birth and death numerology so much, life numbers, star signs and birth years are surely as important. I'd like to look into Star signs more i believe there created for a reason.

    3. Another prediction.....?

      Apparently he is saying when the Finals are over the Cavs will Trade Kevin Love to GSW for Andre Igoudala and a 1 pick?

      Adding more white people to san Fran wow.

      He is really sure about this as well.

  10. On the Hockey game... If the Sharks end up holding on to win they did have good alignment today. (Currently up 3-2 in 3rd period)

    Game 5:
    Thursday, June 9
    At Pittsburgh
    6/9/2016 = 6+9+20+16 = 51
    6/9/2016 = 6+9+2+0+1+6 = 24
    6/9/16 = 6+9+16 = 31
    160/161 day; 205 remaining.
    San Jose Sharks = 51, 1155
    Sharks = 31
    Sharks down 3-1 in series

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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Welp, looks like we will play on Sunday for the 4-2 close.

  12. Why did the Pens lose tonight? Not attacking, I just can't find any connections

  13. What happened to all the "tributes"? Where are all the damn TRIBUTES?!

    1. There were some blood sacrifices for the series of former hockey players Tom Lysiak and Rick MacLeish. I researched it and this is what I found:

      I read the narrative as a "comeback" for the Sharks. Once they went down 3-1 I figured they were toast but tonight's victory gives them new life. Game 6 going back to San Jose you have to like their chances. Zach, take a look and see if we can find some good clues for game 6!

  14. Replies
    1. Of course they won this hockey they need a game 7 to make money because no one watches

  15. I hardly ever watch hockey. I didn't even know there was a team called San Jose until about two weeks ago. That said I think Penguins still win series.

  16. I hardly ever watch hockey. I didn't even know there was a team called San Jose until about two weeks ago. That said I think Penguins still win series.

  17. Hey Zach, I don't know if anyone has brought this up... but what about that blue red pattern.. like you pointed out for nba. If I did it right... there's sort of a pattern going back at least 20 years. If the patten continues... sharks make a comeback n win.

    1. West is blue.. East is red.. color of conference logos

      2015 -- Chicago Blackhawks
      2014 -- Los Angeles Kings
      2013 -- Chicago Blackhawks
      2012 -- Los Angeles Kings
      2011 -- Boston Bruins
      2010 -- Chicago Blackhawks
      2009 -- Pittsburgh Penguins
      2008 -- Detroit Red Wings
      2007 -- Anaheim Ducks
      2006 -- Carolina Hurricanes
      2005 -- Lockout
      2004 -- Tampa Bay Lightning
      2003 -- New Jersey Devils
      2002 -- Detroit Red Wings
      2001 -- Colorado Avalanche
      2000 -- New Jersey Devils
      1999 -- Dallas Stars
      1998 -- Detroit Red Wings
      1997 -- Detroit Red Wings
      1996 -- Colorado Avalanche
      1995 -- New Jersey Devils
      1994 -- New York Rangers
      1993 -- Montreal Canadiens
      1992 -- Pittsburgh Penguins
      1991 -- Pittsburgh Penguins
      1990 -- Edmonton Oilers
      1989 -- Calgary Flames
      1988 -- Edmonton Oilers
      1987 -- Edmonton Oilers
      1986 -- Montreal Canadiens
      1985 -- Edmonton Oilers
      1984 -- Edmonton Oilers
      1983 -- New York Islanders
      1982 -- New York Islanders
      1981 -- New York Islanders
      1980 -- New York Islanders
      1979 -- Montreal Canadiens
      1978 -- Montreal Canadiens
      1977 -- Montreal Canadiens
      1976 -- Montreal Canadiens

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  20. There were a lot of 88 tributes last night. They kept showing #88 Burns on the bench throughout the game, he scored an early goal. They also showed 88 on the Pens on the bench as well. They both rubbed the 88 on their helmet. Woke up this morning to Mr. Hockey dying in the finals at 88, just a week after the G.O.A.T.

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    3. My mistake, I can't find 88 on pens. Burns had the camera attention last night for sharks

    4. Looks like there was a bday on the pens bench last night. Hagelin had what looked like a deflection goal. He was born in 88

  21. 6/12/16 6 + 1 + 2 +16 = 25 sharks = 25 seasons sharks win Game 6
    6/15/2016 6 + 1 + 5 + 20 + 16 = 48 penguins won 48 of the games in their regular 48th season penguins win Game 7

  22. 6/12/16 6 + 1 + 2 +16 = 25 sharks = 25 seasons sharks win Game 6
    6/15/2016 6 + 1 + 5 + 20 + 16 = 48 penguins won 48 of the games in their regular 48th season penguins win Game 7