Thursday, June 9, 2016

59 113 | 'I'm with her', Obama and Hillary Headlines, June 9, 2016

Nice headline.


  1. Off topic, but....

    Robert Allen Zimmerman a.k.a. Bob Dylan.
    Robert = 33
    Allen = 44 & 116 or an upside down 911
    Zimmerman = 49 & 112.
    Revelation = 49

    Robert Allen Zimmerman = 99 & 1404 or 144
    Bob Dylan = 30 & 75
    "Seven Five" = 44(Simple) the Kill Number & 156(Jewish) the 33rd Prime Number
    "Three Zero" = "Ninety Nine" = 57 = Magician
    "Magic" = 33

    1. He has the Minnesota connections too.

    2. Flux Capacitor = 149 = Skull and Bones
      "One hundred Forty Nine" = 1404 or 144.

      Flux Capacitor = 59 = Back to the Future
      Back to the Future = 59 & 156(English) or the 33rd Prime Number.

    3. Bob just turned 75 on 5/24, 17 days ago

  2. That pasteup makes them look like lovers.

  3. Just saw a trailer for the new horror movie The Purge: Election Day. What a fucking joke. I immediately noticed KKK symbolism as well as gun control shit a demon dressed up like a playboy bunny. Wasn't there just a story about Hugh Hefner?

    1. Yes, Hugh Hefner and Twinkies.

  4. 113-59= .. 54 ..

    113+59= 172

    172-54= .. 118 ..

    Death Fifty Four" in the English Reduction system equals 74

    Death Five Four" in the English Reduction system equals 68

  5. Slave = 59, is interesting, due to the fact that average Americans are slaves to their 9 to 5 jobs...

    Nine to Five = 119/56/74

    5 + 9 = 14

    Fourteen = 104/41 (USA = 41)

    That's a Ten-Four!

    "That personal record for Clinton comes even though she has fewer followers on Twitter than Trump, 6.66 million to his 8.76 million."

    1. I have a pet theory that millions really means thousand as the Romans used M to indict 1000 and that was the highest they had. When u start talking millions u r into the imaginary Realm and the media love to throw that word around esp with money, millions for this or that, billions owed in debt ( which we all know will never be paid) once you get so many zeros involved it's just becomes ridiculous. It's all a scam.

      Remember Daddy George Bush and his 1000 points of light speech?

    2. Also, I think the scam they work on us involves zeros. We r taught that zero represents nothing,it's supposed to be absence, but in the financial world it represents money - if you have a trail of zeros after a number u rich.
      They hate it when u don't write your checks correctly too. I started writing out the word zero on my checks, u know instead of 180 I wrote one eight zero on the writing line, just to see what would happen. The guy from the bank thinks I'm crazy. Lol