Thursday, June 9, 2016

42 | InfoWars reporting Bernie Sanders has rejected VP for Hillary

InfoWars = 42
Alex Jones = 42
Alex Jones, *42-years old, born on the 42nd day of the year

The divisors of 42 sum to 96, today is June 9, or 9/6.


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    1. Yeah, more like...
      "shill" 24/33(P,s)
      You get the idea. LOL

  2. He is no way 42 years old.........

    1. I agree with you. I'm up there myself, and there's no way he looks even remotely younger.
      Then again, I puzzled that it's likely a conspiracy theorist would not likely float his real birthday out into the wild.

    2. It's the negative side affects of taking "Super Male Vitality"

    3. Negative is all very subjective, as would be 'undesirable side effects'...
      That said, I still agree. ;)

  3. Burnie Panders = 146/65/74

    Shillary Clinton = 191/74/83

    Donald Flunk = 114/42/51

    1. Is that your unbiased opinion?
      Tell us how you really feel.

  4. Alexander Emerick Jones=211 Born on 2/11/ 1974. I'm sure you have that somewhere in the blog though. Today even 3 months 29 days after his supposed 42nd bday.

  5. I was just thinking about the warriors slogan "Strength in numbers". What do you guys think that means?

    1. Cycles and circles: It's their time. The 'numbers' prophecy it. The plans have been laid, most likely.
      IMHO, of course.

    2. I don't know too much about their slogan but it did remind me of a 1984 reference about warriors. 1984 was 32 years ago.

      A song that hit the charts called "The Warrior", I'm sure that The Warriors play in there arena from time to time.

      The Warrior -- 135 SE / 63 Er / 1313 Je

      notice the 63 reference, 1->63 = 2106 and the wierd 1313 in Jewish Gematria.

      The album was put out by the group called Scandal:
      Scandal -- 54 SE / 18 ER / 159 JE

      The lead singer is Parry Smyth, who by the way is married to the great tennis player John McEnroe.

      Patty -- 82/19/661
      Smyth -- 85/22/628
      Patty Smyth -- 167/41/50/1289

      I don't see much their.

      Of course the album was released August 1984

      234 days since start of year 132 days til end of year
      8/21/1984 - 8+2+1+1+9+8+4 = 33
      8/21/1984 - 8+21+19+84 = 132
      8/21/1984 - 8+21+1+9+8+4 = 51
      8/21/84 - 8+21+84 = 113

      So 84, 51 as in Cleveland, 33 as in Cleveland and 132, and we all know 113

    3. It means they have a deep team. In terms of numerology idk

    4. Thanks for trip down memory lane Ed!
      "The Warrior" was awesome in its day

  6. 1984 was also the year the teen rah rah flick Red Dawn came out on August 10. So 8/10/84 with a run time of 114 minutes and a budget of...of course $4.2 million.
    Go wolverines! 1956/984/164
    Red Dawn 1034/414/69

    I always liked the Alex Jones is Bill Hicks conspiracy. I could totally see it, reminds of those topsy-turvy doll that feature 2 opposing characters joined at hip, flipped one way hes Bill and then the other way hes Alex.
    Alex Jones
    Bill Hicks

    The names line up ever so neatly, don't they? And Alex looks nearly a decade older than 42 IMO

    1. I know Zach isn't on board with this theory, but there are a ton of similarities between the 2.

    2. Yeah, either he is an agent who played both characters, or he is an agent intentionally made to look like/have impossible links to Bill Hicks. Probably in order to sidetrack people, since the whole "conspiracy industry" is of course completely controlled, and has been from the beginning.

    3. Gordie Howe died at 88 today

      He was born 3/31/1928
      3+31+2+8 = 44
      He was called Mr. Hockey
      Mr. Hockey = 44
      He was inducted in Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972, 44 years ago

    4. He died 71 days after his 88th birthday.
      He died in Toledo, Ohio.
      Toledo = 71

    5. Clearly another sacrifice. Happens while Stanley Cup Finals is taking place..

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    7. Apparently Gordie Howe was on The Simpsons too. No idea what the episode was about, but we all know that The Simpsons is nothing more than predictive programming.

    8. From Detroit (where he won his championships) to Cleveland is 2 hours and 41 minutes or 161 minutes
      Today is typically the 161st day of the year. (leap year so it is actually 162)

  7. Thelegionary07,