Monday, June 20, 2016

44 64 | 'Mississippi Burning' case closed, 1964 slaying

Right away I'm going, "The day after the Cavs ended the drought for Cleveland going back to '64?"

Like I said, pro sports is hooked up with current events and history.

The headline emphasizes the number '98', which has a connection to 'prophecy', like the 52-years from 1964 to 2016.

44 days later!!!!???

'88 was a fitting year to 'poison' and 'program' people with a racially divisive story.  Those were the days when the TV news would often say 'a black man' and then something bad.

6/21/1964 = 6+21+19+64 = 110
6/21/1964 = 6+21+(1+9+6+4) = 47
6/21/1964 = 6+2+1+1+9+6+4 = 29
6/21/64 = 6+21+64 = 91

I've seen all of these numbers just yesterday in the NBA Finals.

I wonder if the 1:11 post time of this article is a tribute to the 11:1 decision.

The same shit has always been going on.


  1. Hey Zach do you have anything more on the Brexit on June 23rd?

    Obviously the things all a rigged joke, i cant believe that the UK will leave the EU either.

    Remain = 33
    Brexit = 33

    Leave = 45
    23/6/16 = 45

    June Twenty Third = 216 - This could just be a relation to 2016, or perhaps a link to the cav's recent NBA win. Cleveland = 33?

    I'd be interested if we could work out this big political event through gematria.

    1. That's a date with 65 numerology like 'Prince'. Perhaps it is tied to the fate of Charles and the Queem.

    2. Thats interesting....

      The media have it neck and neck in terms of public vote based on 'Polls'. However every bookmaker has odds at around 1.25 to remain and 3.25 to leave.

      Sure the bookies know the outcome all ready, average person will look at that and think 3.25's a great bet if its neck and neck in the polls...

      Will look more in to it.

    3. I saw -3.25 for exit, thats what you mean right jmontz?

    4. Sorry I meant I saw -3.25 to remain. If i got 1.25 to remain id make a move for sure

    5. Sorry dude im from the UK so the way we say odds is different. We mainly work in Fractions and Decimals. I know you guys use that 'American' tab i always see haha.

      1.25 as a decimal is 1/4 Odds in fractions, i have no idea what that would be in American odds. American Odds confuse me haha

  2. From the article:
    "Mississippi" = 58 = "Freemasonry"
    "Freedom Summer" = 155 "Poetic Justice"
    "KKK" = 33

    "James Chaney" = 14 & 41 [Reflections]
    "Goodman" = 33
    "Andrew Goodman" = 62 & 134
    "Michael" = 33
    "Michael Schwerner" = 83 & 164
    "Edgar Ray Killen" = 70 & 142
    "Rita Bender" = 51 & 96

    1. Well, at least they convicted Killen for doing all the killen'