Saturday, June 4, 2016

49 1010 | The First 49ers Games I ever went to in San Francisco, October 10, 2010 against the Eagles

It seems a bit strange that on October 10, or 10/10 I went to the 49ers games in San Francisco for the first time against the Eagles, the team from Philadelphia, connecting to Revelation.  I did have a "revelation" that day, that football was causing people to do crazy shit.  You should have seen how many fights and arrests there were just in my section alone.  Not only that, I gave a guy I didn't know an Alex Smith jersey I had to wear, who was a friend of the friend I knew down there.  He ended up trading it to a woman to have sex with her in bathroom stall... like I said craziness.  And for the record, the jersey was given to me as a gift by someone who knew I was the only Alex Smith supporter in the world.  I used to cheer for him because he always said the right things and never blamed anyone, so I respected that.

The 'Eagles' tie into the Revelation code as well.

Think about how Chip Kelly went from Eagles to 49ers this offseason... I have a video on that, 49-weeks was key.

Anyhow, it all seems really strange now that I am aware of this.

My life lesson number is '49'.

7/21/1983 = 7+21+(1+9+8+3) = 49

Because of the 49ers, it was my favorite number growing up.

And I do have to admit, there is one verse I do like from Revelation.  The word persevere is the one I used to teach the kids in elementary school.