Thursday, June 23, 2016

65 | 'First results in', CNN Coverage of Brexit and "Sunderland"

 Nice headline, 65.

6/23/2016 = 6+23+20+16 = 65

Notice the mention of 'Sunderland', having gematria of 40, 49 and 112.

The word 'Sunder' has to do with dividing and coming apart.

Update:  74 voting areas reporting


  1. sunder - split apart.
    synonyms: divide, split, cleave, separate, rend, sever, rive

    Sunderland: a fitting name for a story about divisions

  2. Sunder means to Cleave. Cleveland. Sunderland.

    Cleveland was founded by Moses Cleave-Land. Moses sundered the Red Sea. The Cavs logo has a sword sundering the Red C.

  3. Now get rid of global banks , Facebook, media tycoons, disarm nukes, no more party lines , and CERN and then I will feel better. The global elite will just continue false flags and pumping sports.