Thursday, June 23, 2016

74 222 | First Charleston, then Orlando, Dylann Storm Roof predictive programming

With this headline, I can only think of one thing.  That is the image of Dylann Storm Roof, the accused shooter in Charleston.  Nice t- Dylann.

Remember, the shooting took place at 110 Calhoun St.

The headline is also interesting.

First Charleston, then Orlando = 124/142/313
*JFK assassination Zapruder film, it is slide 313 showing JFK's head exploding

222 = Division

That 10:27 time is something like July 21 written backwards, the final date of the GOP Convention, in CLEVELAND.  As I write this, a CNN host, Erin Burnett, just said "all eyes on the Republican Convention".

7/21/16 = 7+21+16 = 44 (Kill)
7/21/2016 = 7+21+20+16 = 64 (Civil Rights)

From Charleston to Orlando was 361-days.

The 11 months and 26 days pop in light of Matthew Nicholson's work.  November 26 is 167 days after the Orlando shooting.  167 is the 39th prime number