Thursday, June 23, 2016

33 96 223 | UK awaits result of historic EU vote, Gibraltar records 96% vote to 'Remain' (BBC and CNN 'Freemason' Coverage)

BBC reporting.

BBC = 223 (Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223)

96% there's more there that is interesting, but you have to love that 96%.

CNN is getting in on the 'Freemason' act as well with the Brexit coverage.

You have to appreciate the 7:04 post time from CNN in light of 'London'.

Notice the gematria of Gibraltar, '88', symbolic of 'time', and '43', like 'Civil War'. 

The coordinates are Gibraltar are as followed.  Often times the sum of coordinates seems to connect to the location.  What I notice here is the sum of 36 and 5 is '41', and their symbol involves a 'Key'.

The nickname for Gibraltar is 'Rock of Gibraltar'.

'33' factors in here.

156 is quite the number.

Read about the firm that built the World Trade Centers, 33, 156 and 911.