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The Dunblane Massacre & killing of 16 First Graders 16-years before Sandy Hook

Chapter 9 - False Flag (Hoax) Shootings, Tax Payer Dollars at Work

In the United States it is an ongoing belief among Americans who would mostly identify as ‘conservative’ that at some point the United States Federal Government will overturn the Second Amendment, making private gun ownership illegal.  This is a belief that is feared and dreaded by this same group of individuals.  While this is a possible outcome for a future United States, I don’t think it is something we will see anytime soon.  Instead, what I expect are steeper gun taxes, and eventually mandatory gun owner insurance, much like for automobiles.  In the nineties, Hillary Clinton and other Democratic politicians said passing such measures was a political goal of the party eventually.  Should Hillary Clinton become the President following Barack Obama, I would anticipate such legal changes taking place then.  Through these two mechanisms, taxing and insurance, big government can generate big revenues from a gun loving public.  As we well know, the U.S. government is always looking for more and more revenue streams.

In the time of the ongoing shooting hoaxes we are seeing headlines about record gun sales, ever increasing with each passing financial quarter.  This is because many gun consumers think the overturning of the Second Amendment is imminent, and they need to buy now while they still can.  As they say, fear sells.  Keep in mind that arms manufacturing is one of the only remaining industries in the United States.  To me, this is another sign that weapons are here to stay, for the foreseeable future.

Dunblane Massacre of March 13, 1996 (United Kingdom)

Before we tackle the many recent shooting hoaxes put on by the government, police and mainstream media in the United States, something we started with by decoding the Columbine High School shooting of April 20, 1999 in Chapter Four, let us visit the ‘Dunblane School Massacre’ as it is remembered in the United Kingdom.  This incident lead to new gun laws being passed that essentially outlawed private gun ownership in the U.K., the great fear here in the United States.  Recall, Freemasonry is an international cartel and the United States and the U.K. share a lot of relationships in history, by the numbers, as we have covered.

The date of the supposed Dunblane massacre was March 13, 1996, a date that can be written 13/3, something like ‘133’ for ‘Government’; the events of this day would lead to some government wide changes as mentioned.  March 13 was also the seventy-third day of the year in 1996, corresponding with the gematria of ‘Dunblane’.  It was the ‘perfect’ date for such a hoax “by the numbers”.

Dunblane = 4+21+14+2+12+1+14+5 = 73 (Sacrifice) (United) (Perfect)

The shooter was reportedly forty-three years old, matching the gematria of ‘massacre’ and the title ‘Dunblane School Massacre’ has gematria matching ‘shooting’.  Let us examine.

Dunblane = 4+3+5+2+3+1+5+5 = 28; School = 1/10+3+8+6+6+3 = 27/36
Massacre = 4+1+1/10+1/10+1+3+9+5 = 25/43 (43-year old shooter)
Dunblane School Massacre = 107 (Shooting = 107)

It was said that eighteen people were killed and fifteen more injured, for a total of thirty-three ‘people’, including the shooter.  The shooting also supposedly took place at 9:30 AM ending by 9:40.  Surely the ‘ninety-three’ sticks out in the reported time.  For more numbers, let us also examine the numerology of the date of the shooting.  In these numbers we find strong ties to the U.K. and the United States, with possibly a foreshadowing for a December 14, 2012 shooting to come, ‘Sandy Hook’.

3/13/1996 = 3+13+19+96 = 131 (32nd Prime Number)
3/13/1996 = 3+13+(1+9+9+6) = 41 (U.S.A.)
3/13/1996 = 3+1+3+1+9+9+6 = 32 (U.K.) (America)
3/13/96 = 3+13+96 = 112 (Alt dialing code for 911) (Sandy Hook = 112)

In the Dunblane Massacre, it is said sixteen first graders were killed, along with their teacher, and the shooter, for a total of eighteen people. 

Sixteen = 1+9+6+2+5+5+5 = 33 (Newtown)

A little more than sixteen years later, the victims would again be mostly First Graders, at the Sandy Hook Massacre.  In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, legislators would call for gun reform laws, mostly concerning enhanced background checks, but nothing close to overturning the Second Amendment.  Let’s see what is special about the gematria of ‘First Graders’, and why they were chosen for the narrative of these government sponsored psychological operations.

First = 6+9+18+19+20 = 72; Graders = 7+18+1+4+5+18+19 = 72
First Graders = 144

The teacher’s name was ‘Gwen Mayor’; a name with ‘Revelation’ coding.  Let us never forget the playbook.

Gwen = 7+5+5+5 = 22; Mayor = 4+1+7+6+9 = 27; Gwen Mayor = 49

Gwen = 7+23+5+14 = 49; Mayor = 13+1+25+15+18 = 72; Gwen Mayor = 121

In the wake of the shooting, something called the ‘Cullen Report’ would be issued, which is what would lead to the legal changes, banning gun ownership for the most part in the United Kingdom.  Let us decode the name of the shooter, ‘Thomas Hamilton’, observing how it connects to ‘Cullen Report’, as well as words ‘police’ and conspiracy’.

Thomas = 2+8+6+4+1+1/10 = 22/31; Hamilton = 8+1+4+9+3+2+6+5 = 38 (Death)
Thomas Hamilton = 60/69

Cullen = 3+3+3+3+5+5 = 22 (Thomas); Report = 9+5+7+6+9+2 = 38 (Hamilton)
Cullen Report = 60 (Police = 60) (Conspiracy = 60)

It should be noted the Cullen Report was the work of ‘Lord Cullen’, who lead the investigation of the massacre.  ‘Lord Cullen’ was a fitting title for investigating a ‘shooting’ by the numbers.

Lord Cullen = 3+6+9+4+3+3+3+3+5+5 = 44 (Shooting)

Recall how the word ‘kill’ has gematria of ‘forty-four’ and ‘fifty-nine’.  The shooting came in a span of fifty-nine-days before the shooter’s birthday, which he would have turned forty-four years old on May 10, 1996.  If you don’t count the end date, his birthday followed the shooting by fifty-eight-days, connecting to ‘freemasonry’.  It should be noted that ‘Sandy Hook’ also sums to ‘fifty-eight’.

Following the theme, on March 19, 1996, it was reported that the shooter had been ‘cremated’ “far from Dunblane”.  Notice that date can be written 19/3, a lot like ‘193’, the forty-fourth prime number.  This was also a date with numerology connecting to ‘thirty-three’, what I sometimes call the number of the hoax.

3/19/1996 = 3+19+19+96 = 137 (33rd Prime)
3/19/1996 = 3+19+(1+9+9+6) = 47
3/19/1996 = 3+1+9+1+9+9+6 = 38 (Death)
3/19/96 = 3+19+96 = 118 (Death)

Cremated = 3+9+5+4+1+2+5+4 = 33 (Cremated on date with ‘137’ numerology)

In the end, it was the ‘Firearms Act 1997’ that banned all cartridge ammunition handguns with the exception of .22 caliber single-shot weapons in England, Scotland and Wales.  Following the 1997 General Election, the Labour government of Tony Blair introduced the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, banning the remaining .22 cartridge handguns in England, Scotland and Wales, and leaving only muzzle-loading and historic handguns legal, as well as certain sporting handguns that fell outside the “Home Office Definition” of a ‘handgun’ because of their dimensions.  It is important to note that the ban has never affected Northern Ireland.

Firearms = 6+9+18+5+1+18+13+19 = 89; Act = 1+3+20 = 24; 1997 = 0
Firearms Act 1997 = 113 (Scottish) (Mainstream)

The act went into place February 27, 1997.  Like I said, these people are redundant, and in the end, it all comes back to Pi, time, cycles and circles.


  1. I have a question: what is the significance of 'scottish?' I get why mainstream, dishonest and green screen are important 113 words but why scottish? Are freemasons Scots?

    1. Either way GREAT information.

    2. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the "bad branch". Dunblane shooting was also in Scottland.

    3. The 'Southern Jurisdiction' of Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the branch that holds seat over Washington DC.

      Inside meets the Supreme Council of 33, the most powerful subset of freemasons in North America.

      Their temple was built & completed in DC on October 18, 1915.


      The address of the DC temple is:
      1733 16th Street NW
      Washington, DC 20009-3103


      Many hold the belief that the Civil War consolidated the masons up north with the masons in the south, creating today's Southern Jurisdiction under the Supreme Council of 33.

    4. The ONLY way for thousands of D H S assets to already be in one specific spot, and then fully deploy in under 10 minutes, is a Drill. All assets are moved in place days earlier.

      Remember, the former head of D H S, Janet Napolitano, is now president of the entire California public university system. The number of "shootings" in California public University cities has skyrocketed because Napolitano & D H S have been running non-stop "active shooter" drills. Many have 'gone live' for propaganda purposes, like the one @ UCLA this week.

      This is part of two core, long standing, psyop programs: 
      1) Fear & Helplessness: You need troops all around to keep you "safe".
      2) End civilian firearm ownership: Plus dramatically increase the use of firearms* by D H S & local police.

      Note: All D H S run drill-to-hoax events at a school with an "active shooter" ends with the "shooter" committing suicide. This is because:
      a) There is no "shooter".
      b) There can't be a criminal trial. 
      c) Helps end public curiosity about the specifics of the event. The "shooter" is dead, case closed.

      *Like the "Military Industrial Complex", D H S needs more & bigger weapons. The Federal government now has enough D H S buying power to offset any lost sales due to a firearms ban in the US domestic consumer market.