Wednesday, August 3, 2016

19 33 47 74 105 187 | Russell Square stabbing of August 3, 2016 (August 4, Darlene Horton named as victim)

A knife attack in Russell Square, eh?

Russell = 106 (Prophecy = 106)

Of course London has that 'masonic' gematria.

This story took place Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

8/3/2016 = 8+3+20+16 = 47

The date is written 3/8 in London.  Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38

Notice they say the woman was in her 'sixties'.

Police = 33 (33, the number of psychological operations) (Teacher = 33)

The attacker being '19' is another stab at Islam and 'ISIS' "by the numbers.

I = 9
S = 19 = 10 = 1
ISIS = 9 1 9 1

On August 4, 2016, the 4-year anniversary of the U.S. Flag falling at the London Olympics, we get the detail it is an 'American'.

The name of the woman connects to 'Barack Obama', who has a birthday today.

The name 'Darlene' also has gematria connected to kill.

Remember, Obama is the '44th' President, and the divisors of '44' sum to '84', a lot like his '8/4' birthday.

Think about the U.S. flag falling on 8/4, Obama's birthday, in 2012.

They say 'Darlene' was 64-years old.  Obama was elected the 44th President 44-years after the Civil Rights Act.

Her husband's name, 'Richard Wagner', also connects back to America.

His name also connects to 'New World Order'.

Last, let us examine the street it happened on and the fact that they're saying the attacker is from 'Norway'.  Notice the staging took place on Montague St, and the woman was in her 'sixties'.


  1. Russell square...

    Interesting my first pick for the travelers championship is Russell Knox.

    47 date numerology. 47 days from Knox birthday to 7/8/16 the final day of the tournament. August Seventh = 47.

    Lets see how old the woman in her sixties is, i'd laugh if she's 64. Knox = 64. Travelers championships 64 years old this year.

    1. Jmontz, hopefully you see this today (Thursday), can I get your email address please, I'd like to send you something, thanks so much Zack

    2. A woman who was killed during the Russell Square knife attack has been named as 64-year-old Darlene Horton

      64 it was

    3. Sorry dude i dont give out my email, wack something on here if you want me to look at it.

      She was 64 as well haha this shits so transparent

    4. Who are your other picks jmontz? If you dont mind me asking

    5. Let me know if you have any other picks that have already risen up the ranks lol. Knox is already killing it today

    6. The other one was Andrew Loupe - He's up there as well. I've not checked the other players that have risen near the top today though. Theres a good 10-15 players in with a shout as it doesnt look like anyones going to pull away at the moment.

    7. What connections did Loupe have? What looks strong to me are the connections you found with Knox and the stabbing story as news connections are typically the strongest indicators

    8. 107 days from end of the tournament to his birthday Travelers Championship = 107

      108 If you include the end date which matches his ranking.

      Andrew Loupe = 53. Travelers championship = 251 - 53rd prime.

      Loupe = 24. Final day has 24 numerology.

      I think birth numerology and time between birthday to the event is the biggest indicator to who wins the tournament. Especially in Golf where there's usually a different winner in every tournament, harder to call in something like tennis where Novak wins pretty much everything.

      Daniel Berger is one to look out for - Daniel Berger = 64. Tournaments 64 years old. 122 days from his birthday... One Hundred twenty two = 106. Prophecy number.

      Sixty four = 49 (Revelation/Prophecy connections)

      If you include the end date its also 57 days from his first ever PGA win back on 12/6/16. 57 often connected to winners of championships.

      Loupe seems to have completely blown it was -8 and leading now -2 haha. I only bet small pre tournament and usually go big last day as its clearer who will win.

      Knox and Berger firm favs now for me. Still leaning towards Knox but i think its 50/50 now..

    9. There's another Russell who just erupted today, Russell Henley. He doesn't have the same connections you found though with Knox

    10. we both posted at literally the same time lmao

    11. Gematria Club had also picked Casey who is in top 8 as well now. Your connections look solid though and I use a similar betting approach but I typically just hedge pre-tourney. I may move in big near close as you say

    12. His name matches the date but i don't see anything in his birthday that connects.

      Often times when big sporting events end on the same day the winners have similar birth numerology.

      Knox's is 43/63
      Community shield is the same day - Jose Mourinho - 43/63.

      However Russell Knox = 44
      Ranieri is in his 44th game in charge of Leicester He's 64 Years old.
      Nathan Diaz = 44?

      Perhaps we may see a trend of winners with the 44 linked in?

    13. Just as i wrote this i clocked into BBC sport they have a story up that Ranieri 'Wants More'

      Wants more = 38.

      38's probably the worst number ive found for sporting connections always seems a bad omen.

      Im sticking with Man United to win on Sunday, Knox would link in nicely with Mourinho's birth numerology.

      Rarely that straight forward though haha.


      check this out lol you'll like that bold 'KILL'. Hmm yea your 44 is looking good so Man U can KILL Leicester. And youre thinking Knox would be a connection with his 44 name numerology? I would love Knox to win

      So youre stil strong on berger and knox right? Im hedging some more and can win with either but bigger payout without Knox. Looks like berger is clinching though soon.

    15. Another 38 connection I just found for your soccer decode; the first Community Shield was played in the 1908-09 season of English football which was also the 38th season of English competitive football.

    16. Jmontz
      Do you have a blog of your own.
      How do you see the EPL developing this season ?

    17. Great pick Jmontz Knox won.

    18. Thanks guys the birth numerology was key. Mourinho and Knox sharing the same numerology this year. Winning on the same day which tends to happen whenever big events end on the same day, keep a look out for that for future games.

      I also got zlatan to score today as well this game came 57 days before his birthday and was his first start for United competitively.

      I dont have my own blog guys unfortunately but you dont need me to work this stuff out its all in front of us. Ill be on here from time to time though!

      For the one asking about the EPL i dont usually bet on the outright winners as you have to wait all season for a pay out and that wrecks me haha. From what ive observed this will be the 25th season of the premier league. Arsenal = 25

      This will also be Wengers last season in charge and his Twentieth = 43 Champion - 43. Thats by no means a certainty but ive always though wenger would win the league was last time like Sir Alex Fergurson and this season links with arsneals gematria.

    19. yea your picks are golden man and I could easily see the connection you made for the Travelers picks of Berger and Knox. If you ever did start a blog, I'd donate to the page

    20. you should check out this blog even if you dont post much, it's a sports predictions only gematria blog.

    21. Cheers man, ill take a look now. I've not been around the blog as much as usual lately, i just check zachs posts to see whats happening around the world as it usually links to events as this post has shown.

      I generally think i can work out who wins a major event 9/10 times. Have to give huge credit to Zach, gematrias really changed my life financially and spiritually.

      Im just one of the many Zachs woken up - Cant wait to purchase your book dude!

    22. same here man I just happened upon the blog around the NBA playoffs but due to an inclined world view it really opened up my eyes.

  2. "...Police were called in a 10:33pm..."

    1033 = 133 = Government, Evolution (of police state!)

  3. "London Knife Attack" = 67 (Freemasonry)

  4. Zach, in that article it mentions the 7/7 bombings. Looking for a significant date from which to measure this, I was trying to get something from 7/7/2005 to 3/8/2016. Nothing I could find: 4045 days, 11 years 27 days.

  5. Mark Rowley, Scotland Yard assistant commissioner = 51 = Conspiracy

    1. Mark Rowley
      Mar Krowley
      Arm Crowley

      .aSSIStant commISSIoner

  6. Russell Westbrook signs an extension

  7. Replies
    1. My mistake it was his "muse" Marianne. May be foretelling to Cohen's though.

    2. First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin.

    3. Good one, didn't think of that. Cohen is a big agent in this game.

  8. That street references the House of Montague maybe. House of Montague meaning, "Montecchi"=248/540/90. 90 (5+4=9)(9+0=9) Nine=42. 248 reduced is 5. Five=42. Montecchi St.=129 Hollywood =129 Ninety nine=129 Montecchi Street=177 August Fourth=177. House of Montecchi=657/1074/179. House of Montague=842/1110/185. Donald John Trump=185 Book of Revelation=185 World Trade Center=185 New York City city=1997/1008/168  Seventy-two=2390/1008/168 (239 reflects 923) 9×2×3=54. Fifty four=126 Nine nine nine=126 Five five five=126 eleven eleven=126 Forty five=126 Eighty six=126 Symbol=86 Nineteen=86 19=XVIIII=6+4+9+9+9=37. Thirty-seven=165. Twenty-two=165. Fourty-four=165. Kill=44 Couple=72 World=72 "World's a stage" -Shakespeare

    Propaganda forshadowing a Obama or Clinton or Trump false flag?