Wednesday, August 3, 2016

33 41 74 | 33 U.S. Service Members have contracted Zika (Now 41), August 3, 2016 reporting

Let us not forget Field Manual 33-1-1 for the U.S. Military, the psychological operations programs.

This story comes on a date with '47' numerology.

8/3/2016 = 8+3+20+16 = 47

Recall, Zika was discovered in '47.


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  2. Zika-47
    Zombie-70(Robot, Suicide)
    Living Dead-87(Hillary's number)
    KYS-55, 330
    Kill Your Self--165, 990
    Voting Dead-101
    Born to Die-102

  3. GREAT post & superior video you did on this! [*FYI -- still can't comment on your YT sites & now can't even "Like" them either ... it keeps saying an "Error Occurred". As always, you can be assured that your stats are MUCH higher than what's shown.*]

    Re this ZIKA bullshit -- noticed that the final statement (from a wiki page, I think) claimed that it had Reached Pandemic Levels In The Americas In 2015-2016 ... but that "fact" was cited by an UNNAMED "Unreliable Source". Where Hast Thou Gone, Accountability??

    Besides the Fear Agenda, this is yet another of their ongoing "tests" to pinpoint the current gullibility level of the masses.
    I'll say it again -- Thanks For stating Nothing But TRUTH! ;D :D

    1. Fuck it folks go into wikipedia and edit the Truth yourself. You all know how wiki is.

  4. Off-27, 162, 62
    Insect Repellent-177, 1062, 582
    Bug Spray-109, 654, 840(Seven)
    Cintronella-109, 654, 328
    Cintronella Candle-148, 888, 401(Monsanto)

    1. Ty. Numbers are correct for Citronella and Citronella Candle. Just misspelled.

  5. I live in Miami , no Zika folks... Wymwood is being gentrified and the locals are predominantly black and Hispanics who are unwilling to sell their properties.