Friday, August 5, 2016

49 54 58 | Pulse Nightclub shooter was shot 'eight times', August 5, 2016 reporting

This story comes 54-days after the June 12, 2016 shooting false flag.  It was 'Islamic' extremism blamed in the attack.

6/12/2016 = 6+12+20+16 = 54 (Islam = 54) (Love = 54) (Sun = 54) (Oracle = 54)

Notice how the emphasize the '49' killed and now say he was shot 'eight' times.

Now for the 'Twilight Zone' angle.

I pointed out then, that the shooting was paired with the coding of what was taking place in the NBA Finals, which were played from June 2 to June 19, ten days after the series began.  In that Series, the 'Warriors' lost, who play at 'Oracle' arena.  Game 7 was decided in Oracle.  7x7 = 49

I was explaining then how the shooting was favorable for the Cavs winning the title.  '103' was coded into the shooter's name and more, and the Cavs ended up winning the NBA Finals in their 103rd game of the season, closing out LeBron's 13th season.

With the 's-exception', 'Warriors' sums to '58', matching today's date as well.  Warriors = 49/58

Today's date, August 5, can written 5/8 or 8/5, connecting to 'basketball' and 'freemasonry'.

Remember that Dylann Storm Roof t-shirt that showed Cleveland and Orlando?  Somehow I think that factors in as well.

Orlando and Cleveland are both NBA cities.  Of course Cleveland won the NBA Finals seven days after the shooting.  Notice the '88' on his shirt as well in the picture above.  Trump = 88

Donald Trump was calling for legitimized torture against terrorist suspects in Orlando a month before the shooting, and he had his GOP Convention in Cleveland.


  1. 88 is also a straight 16 for the year. Very much connected through the shirt.

  2. Sad side note, but interesting, my Step-Grandfather passed today.
    His name was Leo(32), he died of ALS(32), 20 weeks and 3 days(23) before his 70th birthday. Also, 223 days after his 69th.

    Freaky stuff.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry to hear that lord he'll have a great journey

      I have to noticed some freaky stuff involved with dates and deaths and gematria as well

    3. Me my grandfather and dad all have gematria of 115 I have birth numerology of 115 my sister is born on the 115th day she married her husband born on 5/23 my grandfather passed on 5/23 and their daughter my niece has gematria of 115...5*23=115.. Just thought I'd share again

    4. that same brother in law has a brother born on the same day a year apart 5/23 is the 143rd day of the year he has gematria of 143 and so does their mom and he just texted me today all happy that he hit his first hole in one at 143 yards hahha I reminded him of his number and he totally forgot about the hole in one lol

    5. Sorry brother, there's more to these numbers that we know. I'm always reminded of that.

    6. Thanks guys, it was def his time so no sad feelings. Just thought the connects were crazy.

  3. Replies
    1. Not this week. =) Jeff Gordon replaced him a last week do to a concussion. This will be Jeff's 800th NASCAR race!

  4. Shot Eight Times?

    "Eight Times" = 52 = "Prophecy"
    "Eight Times" = 115 = "Freemasons"

    "Shot" = 17 = "Kill"