Friday, August 5, 2016

58 | Zachary K Hubbard on 'The Chad Factor', August 5, 2016

What a trip, I didn't do the gematria of the show until after recording it.  The invite and show came quickly.  Anyway, we just recorded it, August 5, 2016, and now I'm in awe of the gematria of the show.  With it, I'm reminded that 'matrix' has a gematria of '85'.

The link to the show is here, just push the play button:

I might come across as an asshole in this interview at times, for example I have to lecture the host of the show on the Holocaust.  It picks up after the first 10 minutes, it is a two hour show.


  1. You were spot on and I wanted to yell at them... Man people are so lazy to take the time and research and open there brain to truth..
    I real feel they have no idea of Germatria and do not like to count.

    1. Some people just want to be slaves...........

  2. It's easier to be enslaved then use your free will.

  3. I'm barely to the point where they're discussing the woman/child/shotgun hoax, & I get the sense that at least some of these callers are Prince Hall disinformation agents. Right now you're doing an EXCELLENT job of EXPLAINING the importance of skepticism -- especially during this ongoing Race War. This is a tough venue -- hats off to you for taking it on ... GREAT WORK ZACH!! ;D :D

  4. Excellent interview Zach.

    I think Kevin was the only person truly absorbing what you had to say, and moving the conversation in positive, on track direction (at times).. at least out of the ones who were speaking, including Chad. He even challenged Chad a couple times and gets props for that. Chad just "see's your point", but did a good job trying to keep the show flowing overall under the circumstances and letting you speak. It's funny too because Kevin speaks in super slow motion and you speak on the fast side sometimes but clear no doubt. Nothing wrong with either speed of speaking.. Just an observation.

    Captain Black gave you the most push back and likes to say we have the freedom to draw our own conclusions and don't have to have the same conclusion as you (yet really didn't state his own except he doesn't have the same ones as you). When the truth is, that in cases like this we SHOULD be arriving at the same conclusion, especially when plenty of evidence is right in front of our face it's all contrived, who is behind it, and what must be done. Captain Black displayed alot of ignorance and contempt for everything you explained for even mentioning aliens behind it. Really Captain? Aliens? I wish Kendra jumped in with her Trina voice and said Na Uhh Captain, you trippin. You were more respectful than you should have been toward him after he said that but I understand the format of the show, knowing you can't get through to everyone, and needing to keep your cool. My only advice would be to reflect on the last part of the convo with Captain Black and see how you would handle that type of ignorance next time it comes up and what you would say. I would say "I have nothing more to say to you if you want to mention aliens being behind it, after everything I just laid out."

  5. You did a terrific job with that interview! Props to you for taking the high road & not letting anyone push your buttons. I think Capt. Black was trying to do just that.

    It's a shame that the black community has to deal with so many disinformation agents who target them specifically. In particular I'm referring to the Prince Hall Freemasons, who've appointed themselves as Their Leaders. What the non-Masonic black community fails to understand is that those associated with Prince Hall & Eastern Star (the female branch) regard themselves as Superior, & are more than willing to help cull & control non-Masonic African Americans -- who they perceive as low-class & inferior.

    But -- if you try to explain to a "member" that they're merely serving as tools for the elite, you'll consistently get 2 responses:
    1) They'll deny being a member. They may acknowledge "belonging to a lodge" ... but they'll refuse to admit any connection to Prince Hall or Freemasonry -- it's in their tenets.
    2) You'll have made an enemy for life -- whether you realize it or not. The Lodge holds their loyalty above ALL other things -- even family. Disparage The Lodge, & -- though they may not SHOW any reaction -- they'll place you in a different "category" from that day forward. And your place there will NEVER change.

    Whenever you see a successful black businessman, community leader or politician ... even the guys who hold rank in Police & Fire depts. -- you can be 100% certain that they ARE Prince Hall members. This group has an iron grip on the black community, & NO ONE "advances" unless they're a member. This holds true in even the tiniest backwater communities as well as big cities.
    You could almost regard it (like other Masonic groups) as a form of Mafia, & they're VERY good at protecting their anonymity AND the control they wield from the shadows.

    I'm speaking as someone whose known many members over the years, & experienced the exact same "shunning" from them across many different locales -- oftentimes not even realizing why, until later discovering their affiliation with a Lodge. The fact is, if you really need to maintain a connection with a "successful black man" -- never mention Prince Hall ... Ever. (You're not going to change their views about The Lodge anyway.)

    Interestingly though, occasionally you may encounter those who WILL get on board & gripe about the "Other Masons" ... apparently there's still some hard feelings about being denied entry back in the 1700s -- a move that resulted in the creation of Prince Hall Freemasonry in the first place.

    They received their initial charter with the aid of some SCOTTISH SOLDIERS ... members of the "84 (th) FOOT" (regiment) ... !!

    Again, great job handling what must have been a difficult interview. I could tell a few of the others were very interested in the points you made, & that's how this will spread -- by opening up a few more eyes every day. ;D :D

    1. Could a black athlete be a Prince Hall member? (He's a converted Muslim)