Thursday, August 11, 2016

52 | Jeff Banister, the 52-year old coach of the Texas Rangers, with Houston roots

Jeff Banister is 52-years old, tying to prophecy, tying to his name, tying to Texas Rangers.

Notice that he was born January 15, also like his name.

The World Series will also begin October 25, 2016, 11-weeks and 5-days before his upcoming birthday.

Don't overlook that he played college ball in Houston, the city with the name connecting to this year's World Series.

Houston = 8+15+21+19+20+15+14 = 112 (112th World Series)


  1. Im sticking with. Mets 57 57..nyy wins on satan 55 day 58 freemason 4-2 freemason

  2. Mets hahahahaha. U must be that jackass Milo

  3. Its about time you started seeing it my way Zach. I gamble professionally and if you had listened from the start you coulda bet Texas 20-1 before season lol

  4. Nope u must be the annoying ass mike manning...professional better lmao..well see

  5. Hey Zach after Tex wins WS i wont be posting on your site my picks anymore so good luck piggy backing off of RFG or whoever you get your picks from lol

    1. I could've sworn you been asking for certain breakdowns. What clown "pro bettor" asks for others picks...

  6. Yes thank you....mike lord of allusion rfg. That mc guy your all fucking annoying posting nonsense