Thursday, August 11, 2016

57 58 106 112 | The death of Prince in relation to the 2016 Summer 'Olympics' +Dr. Sebi's death revisited

Recall these two things:

1)  Prince died April 21, 2016, the 112th day of the year.
2)  Prince said all we can go by is prophecy.  Prophecy = 106

From the day Prince died to the date the Olympics began, August 5, 2016, was 106-days.

Recall, the U.S. Olympics teams sent 106 returning medalists to the games.  The biggest star among them all, Michael Fred Phelps II = 106.

The start date of the Olympics can be written 5/8.  Purple Rain = 58; Freemasonry = 58

Prince died at age 57, a number connected to sports championships.

I am reminded that Dr. Sebi died 112-days from his birthday, having a name connected to '57' multiple ways.

Dr. Sebi = 57; Alfredo Bowman = 57

He passed August 6 at age 86, and would have turned 87 on November 26 this year.

Dr. Sebi was born in '33, the year the term 86'd was invented.

Anyhow, the day he died, the U.S. Basketball team won by 57-points, 119-62.