Tuesday, October 1, 2019

149 | Rick Ross references Skull and Bones in new song Just In Case +Louie Rankin's death & DMX

In a music video full of gospel singers, this is an interesting inserted scene.


The image is from the song Just In Case, off the Godfather of Harlem soundtrack.


Rick Ross references Skull and Bones in the song...

And notice DMX is a featured artist as well.  The song just released, and days after we have the death of Louie Rankin, synced with DMX, two men who starred in Belly.

Read more about that here:

According to Rolling Stone, the song released on September 27, the Jesuit birthday:



  1. I hate how they sell this black thug motif to the black audiences; always turning up their noses at everyone and everything so you are staring straight up their nostrils. Really lame.

  2. "Just In Case" = 121
    "Yankees Defeat" = 121
    "Losers Name" = 121
    "Forty Seven" = 121
    "Yanks Lose" = 121

    "A MLB Baseball Team" = 121


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