Sunday, October 13, 2019

54 112 | Pope Francis accidentally tags New Orleans Saints on twitter, October 13, 2019 news

This news comes 112-days before the Super Bowl.

Notice the mention of the Jaguars in the story.

And 112 also connects to 'Catholicism'.

Again, the Jesuits operate in 112 nations.

Super Bowl 54 this year...


  1. yeah, like an old guy is tweeting....

  2. As if a non-North American would be interested in that crap gay sport, full of lycra clad faggots smacking each other on the ass!! 😚

    1. Football has shit and toilet symbolism coded all over it. The ball is brown the color of a turd. One guy crouches and drops the ball between his spread legs in the hands of another guy. What image does that conjure? The stadium looks like a giant toilet. You've got mostly brown gorilla looking 70IQ men of African origin swirling around in it. They call it Super Bowl. Super Toilet Bowl.

    2. This fucking comment is pure gold.

    3. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    4. Football invented by whites for whites
      Toilets are white unless they’re gold at the Jewish

  3. The collapse happened shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday at the site of a planned Hard Rock Hotel at the edge of the historic French Quarter. One person was killed and more than 20 were hurt
    There is one person missing. Mayor *Latoya Cantrell, "our hearts are broken"Loyola-Latoya*

  4. Saints 13(4) points on the 13th(4)
    Saints beat the Colts in SB44 Miami
    #22 Porter hero pick 6 (46)
    Score was 13-6 like 46
    Trump born in 46
    Sacrifice =46
    The number of man is 6
    The super bowl is on 2-2
    Peyton Manning from New Orleans is 2-2
    He’s no longer a rep for PAPA johns lol
    They have super man Shaq who played at LSU
    Notice Trump spoke about the WHIP Scalise shooting
    He attended LSU
    Same reason I picked LSU over the SWAMP gator
    Same reason Don Jr was heckled at UF gators campus
    During speech. He was paid 50k
    Same reason Peyton won the “Golden “ Super Bowl 50
    At LEVI in SF
    Same Reason the 49ers only loss was at the Super dome
    They are 5-1 with Kapernick in SB47
    Same reason it’s 47 years since the 14-0 perfect
    Season by Miami.
    Same reason #9 brees replaced by #5=14
    Same reason Teddy from South Florida
    Beat the GATORS in Louisiana at the sugar bowl
    He beat Tebow who was drafted by Broncos
    25th pick. Same reason #25 joe mcknight from Jets was killed. Probably signaling the 25th amendment.
    Who was a native of Louisiana
    Super Bowl 25 was Giants vs Bills
    20-19 (39) books in the Bible
    The MVP was #24 OJ Anderson a Miami Hurricane
    Hurricane =52
    Notice #52 ray Lewis beat Giants and 49ers in super bowls
    Notice former Jets player and saints #51 Vilma
    Was blamed for Bounty gate =130/50
    Notice super bowl 51 was the OT super bowl
    25pt comeback by Patriots
    Notice Shanahan was on the losing side falcons
    Now is a 49ers head coach
    Notice his dad Washington/Broncos/ 49ers
    All the super teams of the 80’s early 90’s
    Notice the season 89 San Francisco champs
    Over Bengals in Miami
    89 hurricanes champs
    89 earthquake
    98 falcons lose to broncos in Miami
    The Vikings 98 team one of the best ever to not make a Super Bowl lost to falcons
    This 100 season started on 9/8
    The bills only team to go to 4 straight super bowls
    The Patriots going to 4 straight superbowls
    Gronk is expected to comeback week 14
    Super bowl =41
    Brady won his last Super Bowl at age 41
    Manning oldest QB played in SB 41 Miami
    And at age 37 won SB50
    12th Prime is 37
    Trump is 73 years old
    Perfect season 1972 super bowl played in 73
    The mvp #13 Jake Scott Miami SAFETY
    From Georgia !!!
    The Dark knight rises had #86 Ward Steelers
    He wore #19 at GEORGIA aka bull dogs
    The Bull god is MJ 23 from Brooklyn Ny
    Same reason dolphins hired black coach from Brooklyn
    The Miami Miracle #32 drake who played at Alabama
    Trump circled Alabama during hurricane DORIAN
    Trump attended 2017 national tile
    Alabama over GEORGIA!
    Tua #13 threw the ball in OT to #6 😂
    Tua is expected to be #1 pick of Miami or Bengals
    Bengals and Miami winless play week 16
    Same reason you get #14 Andy vs #14 Fitzpatrick
    Horned frog vs Harvard

  5. It's disgusting what Zachary is doing on Patreon, flat out stealing money from. Everybody's losing, his picks are a fucking disaster, he wont respond to anybody or address anything. Hid like a bitch yesterday while losing people money on terrible picks. His Patreon will get shut down soon. Complete fraud.

    1. As if elite Jew pigs will make it easy for you to cheat at sports gambling with Gematria knowledge. Part of making you lose and getting the decodes wrong will be part of the code itself from now on to fuck you over more, stupid goyim.

    2. He’s always been a fraud nothing new here. Not one person on patreon has won anything from him or has come out & stated his picks are fire. All he gives out are huge Money lines of -500 or higher and says parlay them 😂. He prob gave out the Georgia Money line against SC on Saturday they were -21 which means they were -2000 on the ML. Georgia loses in OT & if anyone bet them straight they’re bankroll is gone and then some. This is just example, not sure if he gave Georgia as a play but he gives out huge ML’s on a consistent basis never spreads 😂

    3. The only stupid goyim here is the one who actually believes in elite jew pigs actively making you lose and fuck you over..... YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY STUPID AS CAN BE IF YOU THINK ANYONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR STUPID WRONG DECODES..... *clears throat* Zachary K Hubbard

  6. Nationals will sweep the Cardinals today and tomorrow .....

  7. Zach, I'm down big betting your picks, is there anyway you can donate $100 via PayPal? I need the money to make it to my paycheck on Friday. Please Zach u get $2000 every 30 days. I'll send you my paypal.

  8. Is funny to see how mad the trolls are. You can tell their ass its on fire by how many comments they post. If you want to know which information its the most correct one just look at the blog with the most hate on it.

    1. Non of this information is correct. If it was, you and the entire gematria community would be filthy fucking rich.... but you arn't. The same kind of decodes he does to get sports picks wrong is the same decode he does for new stories which means the news stories are wrong too

      The gematria community is so heavily involved with playing the victim they actually think people are paid to troll them and to shut them down. Out of the 1,000's of gematria videos on youtube, Zach is the only target... why? Because he is a piece of shit asshole stealing money that's why.....

      Did Zach get uninvited to a conspiracy conference because he is telling the truth or did he get uninvited because he is an asshole to people and nobody likes him on a personal level....

    2. Hey stupid, idk if you know that not in most states betting its legal right? And bisides the highest you cant bet on a game its 15,000. How many people can say they have 15,000 just laying around to bet? LOL and what about the most correct information i ment to say the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

    3. Everything you said is completely irrelevant. Everyone has been doing this work for years and have made hundreds of picks. Out of those many picks it shouldn't be uncommon for some one to flip 100 into 2,000 and then 2,000 into 10,000 on a gambling website then into 50,000 cash out bitcoin, then into flying to Vegas and flipping 50,000 into 250,000 ect ect ect... I think that can be achievable in a 5 year period for someone who claims to be the best sport picker in the world who has called multiple championships over the years.. along with the community that backs this shit up you claim to win more than they lose..... this information is neither correct nor important and if it were to be important you idiots definitely haven't come close to figuring it out.

    4. Idk about these guys but I never gave this Jew a dime nor did I ever listen to his gambling picks so no I am not mad I’m just exposing him to the goy

    5. Hey @ ResistControl idk where you’re getting your info from but 15k is nowhere near a max bet, you can bet up to a million in certain places in Vegas as well as fanduel and draft kings. 15k is a tiny bet for all these sportsbooks. You might wanna fact check your dopey comments next time 🤦‍♂️

  9. Was the Pope wearing Red shoes when he accidentally tagged the Saints? No. He's the first Pope to Not wear the Red Shoes.

  10. I was goofing around with this one just now and accidentally typed NEW ENGLAND instead of NEW ORLEANS.. made me realize that ENGLAND and ORLEANS both sum to 30.

  11. Philip Rivers, who wears 17 grabs cornerback Mike Hilton, who wears 28, at the end of the game. 45 is the summer and Trump is the 45 president. In reverse 54, it MIGHT be set Saints vs. Chargers in Miami. Billiinaire Hilton was the founder of the Chargers, same team Drew Brees was drafted by.

    1. Forgive me but thst has no chance of happening. The Chargers and the Saints are comical side dishes to the main course.. it's not about the's purely about the numbers.. the numbers associate to other connections.

    2. Saints Chargers was always a good SB narrative, but Chargers have no polrizing players, no name team, not any good, of coyrse they can win 10 st8, but they need some off field narratives/players to make some noise

    3. When you're losing to 3rd string back ups, at home..not a winning team narrative lol

    4. Says the guy who thinks the Redskins who sit at 1-5 as of today a guy who thinks they will make the playoffs a guy who also predicted Haskins would start or come in and beat the Tom Brady led Patriots cause of his birthday and other numbers smh a team who still faces teams like Vikings Eagles Packers Cowboys a tough Bills defense etc etc scripted or not no way a team with no quarterback identity no run game no defense is going to surge and make the playoffs but like I said says you who goes and tells people they are wrong how this team and this team are collapsing or it doesn’t fit the a narrative but the 1-5 Redskins do I’m sleep

  12. What is this guys sb pick?

    1. New Orleans, Cleveland,New England, Detroit, Dallas,Minnesota, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Baltimore, Seattle, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Denver, Houston L.A. Chargers and Rams. Maybe Tampa Bay and Carolina and Green Bay and Chicago. Or Jacksonville and Buffalo or Philadelphia


  13. raymondbelljrOctober 14, 2019 at 7:04 PM

    Says the guy who thinks the Redskins who sit at 1-5 as of today a guy who thinks they will make the playoffs a guy who also predicted Haskins would start or come in and beat the Tom Brady led Patriots cause of his birthday and other numbers smh a team who still faces teams like Vikings Eagles Packers Cowboys a tough Bills defense etc etc scripted or not no way a team with no quarterback identity no run game no defense is going to surge and make the playoffs but like I said says you who goes and tells people they are wrong how this team and this team are collapsing or it doesn’t fit the a narrative but the 1-5 Redskins do I’m sleep
    Ok dude, I was wrong about a game. It's past. I won't be wrong about Redskins playoffs.

  14. Lol I want to hear from the people that contributed to that 33K goal back in 2016. I remember the con man Jew would try to make people feel like enemies of the community if they hadn’t contributed yet and there was supposed to be a movement once the goal was reached but he took the money and did nothing and these sheep were so brainwashed that they never called him out and continue supporting him this is mind boggling, a whole new level of sheepism for sure

    1. Lol, you're right but I think even those sheep from 2016 wised up and deserted him. Though he has a whole new braindeead followers who hang on his every Jew word, it's so laughable reading their kiss ass comments.

  15. But who are you tell always tell people who work on these type of things they are wrong blah blah blah it doesn’t fit a narrative cause a team lost to a 3rd string qb and blah blah blah but yet you still tell people how the Redskins who sit at 1-5 are gonna make the playoffs even tho a team with no quarterback identity no defense no running game identity just fired their head coach barely beat the dolphins rigged or not is gonna go on a huge run beat teams like the Vikings Packers Eagles 49ers a tough Bills defense the Cowboys so on and so on no matter how rigged sports are there’s no way in hell the Redskins are making the playoffs I mean has any 1-5 team made the playoffs even with quarterbacks like Case Keemun Colt McCoy and Haskins Redskins don’t fit no narrative if they did they would not be 1-5 now it would be easy as hell to tell the NFL is rigged if the 2-3 worst team in the NFL with no identity made the fucking playoffs we are all tired of you and this Redskins shit man that Patriots game should of ended you dumb shit but it hasn’t now we gotta wait a couple more games for them to actually be eliminated from the playoffs with the Dolphins and other bum teams and even then you’ll be like “I made mistakes I thought it was a good pick my bad this was a lesson learned I’ll get better” you’ll never own up to it at all for a guy who spends 24/7 on this website and thinks he’s too good at this sure does make dumb picks smh


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