Saturday, October 12, 2019

35 43 58 68 80 112 149 191 | 4 people dead, 3 injured in shooting at New York Ciity illegal gambling site, October 12, 2019

4 and 3, like 43...

Keep in mind the ALCS begins today, between the Yankees and Astros, which fits in with gambling...

Brooklyn and Houston have something in common too.

Today is 10/12, like 112.

Today is 111-days (span of 112) from last game between Yankees and Houston, June 23.

Shooting and Yankees also go together.

And this is how Crown Heights ties in with the ALCS.

And for more on the 'championship' part.


  1. 4 and 3 like 43 lmaoooooo what kind of trash is this. i signed up for your patreaon but u lose so much. u are a great salesman, u hooked me, after taking a break and coming back to your site, now i can see what you are really doing.

    4 and 3 like 43 lmao wow.

    1. You're an idiot. Get lost.
      Anonymous =43 How ironic? 不

    2. Idiot = 33
      Ja Si = 33

      we all know what 33 means... how ironic?

      Loser = 69
      Ja Si = 69

  2. i lost so much this year on your mlb futures, i bet seattle and phillies like u said to do. then i bet on yankees and phillies like u said, smh. zack is there anyway u can donate to my venmoe? please, ive lost so much money with ur picks.

    1. If you've been taking my advice, you're way up, loser.

    2. Lol way up... that's cute

    3. zach, when u call ppl loser i think u are looking in the mirror. u are selling ppl false hope and preying on their hopeless faith. the person is correct, he bet on your picks and lost a lot of money, because your picks were wrong. and you call him a loser?!?!?!


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