Saturday, May 21, 2016

106 139 523 | May 18 Washington Post story, Christopher Columbus's 523-year old letter

The fact that the letter was written in 1493 stands out.  Remember '93' connects to Saturn, the keeper of time.

Remember, Columbus was a Jew, who sent to the "New World" by the Catholic Church.

May 18 was the 139th day of the year this year because it is a leap year, thus the 'Christopher' Columbus tribute on this date.


  1. This all makes you realize that the past, whether distant or close, doesn't mean a thing. Whatever happened happened might be the truest cliché of all, pretty much impossible to discover who actually discovered anything.

    1. Tagline for the new movie Purge: Election Year:

      I purged, to keep America great----253...another case of those all too familiar digits.

  2. 523 has shown up SO MUCH, that I'd be SHOCKED if nothing happened on Monday...