Thursday, May 19, 2016

26 33 62 89 108 139 | LeBron gets triple-double in 108-89 win over Raptors, May 19, 2016

89 second clip (1:29) and 89-points for the loser.

King James = 89
Religion = 89

The 108 points for the winning Cavs stands out too.

Golden State Warriors = 108
Geometry = 108

It was in the bag for home team Cleveland before it began.

5/19/2016 = 5+19+(2+0+1+6) = 33
Cleveland = 33
NBA Finals = 33

It was LeBron's 15th career triple double, coming in a span of 15-days until the start of the NBA Finals.  There's a funny thing about the triple coming today... May 19...

May 19 is typically the 139th day of the year.

Notice the Cavs scored 62-points in the first half, and the NBA Finals begin June 2, or 6/2.  You can also write that date 2/6.  Irving lead the Cavs tonight with 26-points.

23-points like his number

Update, LeBron would go on to win the NBA Finals at age 31, 31-days after this Triple Double.

Basketball = 31


  1. If they go 16-0 in the playoffs the same year the Warriors have the greatest record ever, that would certainly lead to years of debate over who was truly the best.

    1. The cavs have a slogan that's Allin216 so I think they go 16-2.

    2. Cavs wont go undefeated I dont think unless they play OKC. Then I could see it. They would win in 6 at home if they face GS

    3. Honestly I dont think so but will he lose 1 game. ?? Like Moses Malone 33 years ago when he said "fo fo fo"? Charles Barkley keeps talking about it..
      Fo fo fo= 36

    4. They wont lose to GS. Im telling you that now based on vegas odds.

    5. I agree, the only way they go 16-0 is if they play OKC. I think they go 4-2 against GS And finish 16-2

    6. If Curry gets hurt then they might sweep also.

    7. And of course here is the ESPN story.

      Lebron James = 42
      History = 42

      Sixteen = 33

    8. Somebody else pointed this out, that LeBron will get his 3rd ring on June 16th, which would be Game 6 of NBA Finals, date of 666.

      Cavaliers in 6 over whomever.

    9. I like that game 6 date. Cool find.

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      Maybe a clue in Lowerys strange night last night. Goes along with the 16-2 possibility. It is right in the first paragraph.

      When Lowry left the Cavs were in the middle of a 16-2 run, 12-2 which came after Lowrys exit. So maybe they sweep Toronto, then drop two in the finals, to complete their 16-2 run. Who has home court? Best record?

    12. Fo Fo Fo = 63 (Simple English)
      We know about 63 and 2016... and we also know about Moses Malone's death at the beginning of the season.

    13. In the above article, Lowry says he needed to


  2. I remember Lebron saying last year and probably many other times that he has to see the game before it is played. And know what is going to happen before it happens.
    89 = Hologram
    108 = Grand Master Freemason - Freemasonic - Labyrinth

  3. Lebron always gets a cakewalki don't think they go undefeated but they mite tie the lakers record will see what happens

    Because its clear the Nba wants the cavs to be dominant in if gsw Okc go 7 lebron mite just sweep

    1. Always? You're exaggerating lebron just the best player. Anyways cavs should end the curse this year

    2. Exaggerating when was the last time lebron eat a team with a superstar in the east?

      There are good teams in the east but no superstars in the cavs have 2 plus love

      The west has all the superstars

    3. Just because Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead in Inception, it doesn't mean he is a better actor then Tom Hardy or Joey Loves Gore, all one show.

    4. I agree with the superstar part but the better defensive teams are out east the superstars besides lebron are out west

  4. Off topic..... but i just watched the new comedy movie "Neighbors 2" that comes out friday...... and guess what the address was for the house...... 2023!!!

    They showed it a few times.

    1. What do you expect with the Jew comedy crew?

  5. Cleveland's shirts meet the narrative.
    C ALLIN = 51

    Their play meets it as well.
    Domination = 51

  6. Sprained knee = 67
    Game 5 is on 5/26/2016 (5+26+20+16)

    Thats my guess. Protect the image for next year. Send okc in with a gift. Next year they can still make curry out to be unbeatable, recycling the story line

  7. Did anyone notice the guy that took a picture of steph curry when he fell over the first row in the 2nd quarter, looked like the "purple shirt guy" that was heckling Dwayne wade in Charlotte's a article they mentioned him in