Thursday, May 12, 2016

33 41 44 121 131 137 | Warriors advance over Blazers, May 11, 2016 (Reggie Miller and Steph Curry)

Notice the state at the bottom of the screen.  'Portland had lead for 137-minutes in series'.

Again, Oregon, where Portland is, is the 33rd State and 137 is the 33rd prime.

Golden St. = 33
Golden State = 41

Golden State has advanced 4-1 over the team from the 33rd State.... a team that lead "137 minutes of the series".  You might recall the Blazers blew out the Warriors with 137 points the day Lillard dropped 51-points.

Don't tell me they don't script this shit to the fucking point, to the minute!  Why can't the lemmings see?  It is so obvious!  God help me.  I've been saying the same thing since I was seven years old.

This sign had me tripping.

What is he 131-0 at?

Championship = 131
Super Bowl =131

Curry, in video game mode, tossed in the 121s points of the game again.  That three-ball in mid air would turn the score from 118 to 121.

Earlier this year I asked if Curry and Miller were cloned from the same parents or however they're making these manchurian athletes.  Check this stat out from the game last night...

Don't forget the Warriors are in their 44th season of being in Golden State.

Stephen = 33/42
Reggie = 42

Curry = 31
Miller = 33

5-11 from three point land on 5/11?  Magnets?

You have to love the 5 rebounds and 11 assists too...

During this interview, his buddy Green was "glitching".  The mind control trance shit might be more real than we know.  Green's behavior was very odd during this interview.  It seemed like someone was controlling his left arm with a remote control.  You had to see it.