Monday, May 2, 2016

42 63 85 96 123 2016 | Leicester wins Premier League (5000 :1 Odds), May 2, 2016 (Super Bowl 50 Connection!)

Here's a bet we all wish we got on earlier.

The team is known as 'Leicester City', which has a big connection to '2016'.

Leicester = 3+5+9+3+5+1+2+5+9 = 42
City = 3+9+2+7 = 21
Leicester City = 63

When you sum one through sixty-three, it totals 2016.  Thus, the unexpected champs in 2016.

CNN's timestamp ties in with them winning it on the 123rd day of the year.

Conspiracy = 3+6+5+1+7+9+9+1+3+7 = 51
Conspiracy = 3+15+14+19+16+9+18+1+3+25 = 123

It should also be noted, in keeping track of the relationship between the Carolina Panthers and the Leicester Premier Club, the Panthers lost the Super Bowl 85-days before Leicester won their championship.  It seems the clue might have been with the Panthers kicker, Graham Gano, all along.

Think about it, the kicker... Graham Gano = 85


  1. Chelsea's best player Eden Hazard was dropped to the bench. Came on at halftime when they were 2-0 down and changed the game, scored the goal that gave Leicester the title.

    Hazard = 58
    Eden Hazard = 50

    Another superbowl 50 connection?

    Funny enough Hazard also scored the goal that won chelsea the title last season. Fitting that he scores the goal that seals another title all be it for a different team.

    Leicester also are the 24th team to win englands top division in the 24th season since the league was renamed the premier league.

    Just came to me but gary cahill scored the first of chelseas goals to spark the comeback he wears number 24.

    Add all the goal scorers kit numbers up 10+10+7+24.... 51!

    1. 116 Days from Eden Hazards birthday to today.

      Tottenham = 116

      Hazard publicly came out and said chelsea want Leicester to win the league last week... More media hype to create the big finally and feed into how the PL is the best league in the world.

      When in reality its completely scripted just like the rest.. have to take my hat of to them though they dont half make it an entertaining watch.

  2. Mark Selby from Leicester won the World snooker championship today also. Almost at exactly same time.

    1. The Leicester coach (Claudio Ranieri) used to coach Chelsea, the team that tied Tottenham today to hand the title to Leicester.

    2. Selby wins the snooker title 11 mins after Leicester clinched the Premier League!

    3. Selby won his only other World title in 2014, the same day Leicester celebrated their promotion to the Premier League with an Open-top Bus parade!

  3. Zach anything on this? Brandon Mcmanus played for the Colts then the Giants traded him to the Broncos for a 7 Pick.

    Day 3 of the draft was 5/2.....Damontre Moore was released today. 12/11 date he was cut to 5/2 is 144 days with end date. Moore wore 57 and the NFL time stamp for his cut was 1:44 pm.

    Anyways 12/11 to the super bowl is 423 days......423+324=747 without the end date 422+224=646. 5/2/2015 to 2/5 is 646 days......

    The day they drafted Safety Mkylee Thompson......5th round 144 pick. He has numerology of 144 and is from Texas.

    The Giants used the 7th Pick they got from Mcmanus on Bobby Hart who is also from Texas and will be starting this year

  4. In the Cavs game in the fourth quarter the score was tied 86-86 with a time out at 5:23 remaining.

    86+86 = 172 or 271 the 58th Prime number

    Barrack Obama = 86

  5. Leicester and Freemason's reduction gematria are identical right down the line

    Leicester -- 42/51/51
    Freemason -- 42/51/51

  6. A friend of a friend had this bet. If he had held his cool he would have collected £100,000 but he bottled it a few weeks back and cashed in when the bookies offered him £38,000.

  7. Today Afeni Shakur mother of Tupac died at age 69.

  8. Today Afeni Shakur mother of Tupac died at age 69.

  9. Plus Leicester City are known as the foxes and their emblem is a fox. Fox sums to 666. 6times6times6 is 216. Another conection to 2016!! Great work zac!!