Wednesday, May 18, 2016

59 133 313 | Trump vs Hillary, 'The nasty general election begins', May 18, 2016

Nice numbers.

White House = 133
Remember, Donald Trump is the 133rd richest man according to Forbes...

313, like the slide of the Zapruder Film showing Kennedy's head shot...

Today's date has numerology also corresponding with 'John F. Kennedy'.

John F. Kennedy = 59//68/131

5/18/2016 = 5+18+20+16 = 59

Kill = 10+9+20+20 = 59

Think about it, billions of dollars spent on elections, that are already determined?  This whole country runs on waste and bullshit, it is like a giant fart.


  1. Hahahah a giant Fart.. Really though, spending billions on elections that are already determined just like the billions spent on the sports games.. Look at that photo tough trumps eyes with bags under and a scowl on his face. Hillerys eyes brightened with a smile.

    1. They've been doing those subliminal messages all year with the face expressions. It is so obvious.

  2. He Trolls Bill Clinton" in the English Reduction system equals 87

    He Trolls Bill " in the English Ordinal system equals 144

    Bill Hit and Run" in the English Ordinal system equals 144

  3. Are those the faces in the uni-sex bathroom?

    1. Yes I'll give you three guesses which was one is trans and the first two guesses don't count!