Tuesday, June 14, 2016

102 | Orlando shooting hoax sets GoFundMe record of $3-million and counting


You have to appreciate the 102 likes.

Islamic Extremism = 102
United States of America = 102
al-Qaeda = 102

You might recall last year I setup a GoFundMe to finance a trip to Oklahoma State to expose the wrongdoing there.  After I raised $800 in an hour, GoFundMe froze the fundraiser and my Facebook page was simultaneously suspended.  I had to provide Facebook with a copy of my driver's license to reactivatee my account.

The internet is 'their' territory.


  1. Dan pfeiffer = 90. Cavaliers = 90.
    69000 contributions. Cleveland cavaliers = 69.
    There's a 3,1 and 2 in this guys tweet. Cleveland cavs = 123.

  2. 102: also the 10:02 AM post time.

  3. So funny how many people think the internet is going to bring them down.

  4. Okay, folks... I saw this and couldn't help myself.
    Anyone else see this interview?

    Orlando Survivor: Shooter spoke to us

    "Patience Carter"
    "Patience" = 99(B) like 66 inverted, 42(Eng Gem) reduced, 223(J), 73/37(EO&P)
    "Carter" = 91(B) like 19/91
    "Patience Carter" = 190(B) again like 19/91 99(Eng Gem) related to Bavarian Illuminati, 81(Eng Gem) reduced, 60(J) like conspiracy/police, 66(EO) like fifty/lost/manifest destiny/woman

    "laid there for hours and hours" =
    302(B)(EO) like 32, 131(B)(P) reduced like championship, fifty-seven

    "talking to 911" =
    "talking to"... standout for 37(B)(EO) reduced as well as 337(J) which reduced to 31(J) like 13/31

    "Shooter spoke to us" =
    98(B) reduced, 123(Eng Gem) reduced/96(Eng Gem) reduced again... like conspiracy and Freemason, 84(J) like United States of America, 16(EO) reduced all the way like Allah(P), Ba'al(EO), Kaaba(EO), bliss(P), cage(P), hate(P), kook(P), Yale(P) possibly related to sixteen (33 P), 232(EO,k) like 322, 205(EO,ks) like 25/52

    She said this several (maybe three?) times...
    "he wants America to stop bombing his country" =
    216(Eng Gem) reduced 6x6x6, 179(I) 41st prime, Reduces to 17 in Jewish like kill Mason week, 171(P) more 17ism

    "pledged his allegiance to Isis" =
    222(EO,s), 123(P) like conspiracy and 123+321=444, 150(EO,s) for 50 reference again

    "spoke to us directly" =
    93(EO) reduced, 93(P,s), 75(P) 84(P,k), 102(P,ks).... 75,93,84, and 102 could all be 12 references

    "are there any black people in here"
    "are there any" = 57(P)
    "black people" = 44(EO), 53(P,k)
    "in here" = 59(EO), 41(EO)reduced and 41(P)

    "you know I don't have a problem with black people"
    "you know" = 69(Eng Gem) reduced Zionist operatives, 42(Eng Gem) reduced more like circles(s), knowledge

    "I don't have a problem with" 104(B) reduced like 41, 117(Eng Gem) like 17 again, 103(J) like 13, 105(EO,P) like 51
    "black people" = 44(EO), 53(P,k)

    1. Great work, don't forget 'Thirteen' sums to 99.

    2. Ahh, thank you sir! I had forgotten that! I shall make note.

  5. Replies
    1. LGBT = 14, 41, 239

      That's what the 239 coding could mean?

    2. Hey, hey, hey, watch it, fella! -- 234

      234 + 432 = 666

  6. ...and 64 shares for that GoFundMe.
    Death becomes them, I guess.

  7. They own it all, the elites think we're nothing.

  8. Christine leinonen is getting a cool -- $33,000 to play "Christopher"'s mother. waaaaa waaaaaa he, um, was, um, sitting next his boyfriend who was shot. wait. how the fuck would she know , being from home, where her son is sitting and whom he is sitting with? yer a dumb dumb dumb dumb dummy.

  9. You'll like this one Zach :D ... The name of the gofundme page is ...

    "Pulse Victims Fund' = 213 ... ha :D Unbelievable.

    I love how several of the top comments are people vouching for the legitimacy of the person / company who set up the GoFundME :D . Complete gangsters. Original total was 200k or 500k I think. Forgot to take a screen-shot, but it was defiantly not 5 fuckin' million. Disgusting ... Sub human scum!

    1. Almost forgot, 'Equality' = 110. Can't say LGBT without Equality any more.

    2. Couple more sorry,
      And the person who set up the GoFundMe ...
      'Ida Vishkaee Eskamani' = 131 ( ksv )
      The new total or 49 dead.
      'Forty Nine' = 54. Like the date summed, 12+6+20+16 = 54. 'Gay Bar' = 54. 'Bataclan' = 54
      Might have posted this one already but,
      'Omar Mateen' = 630 in standard. And the Orlando attack comes 6 months 30 days after Paris ( 630 ).

  10. Well, this is interesting...
    ISIS 'kill list' targets Palm Beach, Treasure Coast residents: Ex-FBI agent

    I haven't decoded it, but with "kill list" (32,P) right in the title, I can only imagine the Gematria yield.

  11. Victim , female , 18 years old , Akyra Murray.

    From Philadelphia visiting Orlabdo.

    philly connect Zack.

  12. Yeah they could put any number up there I dont believe they got $3 million because they always exaggerate but I don't doubt that sum people donate because they work the guilt angle strong, every fucking time I go to the grocery store um asked if I want to donate a $1 to some sad child disease of the month- I always say No and cut them off immediately but it must be pretty effective because they ring a goddammit bell everytime sum tard says yes and I've heard it plenty

    1. I hate when they ask for that damn donation. I ask them do you even know what diseases comes from? What this company really is? You say you really appreciate it when someone donates why? They can't answer any of them.

  13. Another thing I've noticed is the way they try to include u in guilt to go along with their bs safety first crap. Someone i had to deal with said to me "well we created this system because WEe let so many people sue in the 80s over every little thing that WE are now forced to do this ( endless bs paperwork nonsense) said with a sad lil shrug of the shoulders, and all these robots start nodding their heads and sighing. And I'm like what's this WE jazz. I was a child in the 80s I didn't have anything to do with it and neither did most of u why do I have to suffer for this. Don't rope me in with you. This is unacceptable to me.
    Then they sigh and everyone hates me for being a problem but I am not the problem. There is nothing wrong with me except I see thru this attempts to manipulate me and I'm god dammed pissed about it and disgusted by all the spineless bitches who go along with this retardation. Maybe they like it I don't know. I did point out that this persons job depended on them labeling perfectly normal behavior as a problem to be solved so they could get paid.
    Yeah I'm not too popular. But I don't give a shit anymore. I'm a mouthy woman and if I was ugly they would label me a Rosie O'Donnell and make fun of me ( not that I'm a fan of hers, she's as full of shit as the rest of them, just that that's what happens it's there to try to keep women in there place I see that as I know they mean for me to) if you are even slightly attractive u r supposed to shut up and find a husband and keep your trap shut. But tough shit. I think they r actually more scared of me than I am of them.
    And they should be.

    1. Well, sister, you're not alone. Only difference is I'm a little older.
      On the bright side, I find that if people think you're crazy, they tend to leave you alone.


    2. Thanks, it's true. I used to at least try to cooperate and behave. But when u do they just take that as licence to keep fucking u over. Now I'm ferocious. I speak up loudly because u might as well people hate scenes and they rush to shut u up. The problem IMO is that we've been taught to be nice, get along, don't raise a fuss, do what you're told and be one of the team. They start that shit in hs with the pep rallies u r forced to attend. I always tried to sneak off but they would always catch me and I would go sit there and talk shit until I got detention or some other bs. Even then I knew they were just trying get people pumped to go the games n get people to worship athletes idiot boys who would sexually harass me - cheer for these dumb asses? Fuck no!

      They also do it to get u to identify with a group ..my school, my local sports team, my country...etc this system hates and fears loners as we've seen with the crazed loner cliche meme

    3. I hear what you're saying, and though HS and college were long ago for me, I recognized it all and didn't get sucked into any of that either.
      I still work on that policy. Haven't been back for any reunions (30 year this year), despite their push. I just look upon it like: They don't pay my bills, why should I care?
      Now, you know, I learned enough skills to get me through corporate and necessary/mandatory social situations okay. It's disingenuous, but a necessary evil. My husband and I have reflected upon our experiences and had though we'd have done well together in the diplomat corp. Alas, our paths did not cross until much later in life, but the skills remain. We are sufficiently personable and manipulative to handle different situations.
      Those and many other generalist skills that may come in handy some day. I like to think putting gematria into that toolbox along with some other ciphering capabilities, may serve us well at some point.

    4. Rawwwrr. Get em girl. Ferocious.

    5. Any chance possible the quiet loner is singled out as the crazy one that dose the unthinkable crime. Look at the shootings all "loners". In movies they are the crazy ones that no one wants to go by. It is programmed into us to fear the ones that have self sufficiency.
      People always ask me to go and do things and I simply don't want to because I would rather sit and relax, but people see that as boring and that I have a problem with socializing. It is mostly I just hate talking about bullshit which most people tend to bring up. Since I started making YouTube videos my family has since starting telling me and my wife we need friends and need to get out and socialize more. I try to explain why we don't and they just can't understand anything except that you need a social life and need to do activities in this bullshit society like they have been programmed to believe.

    6. +Korey, I've spent a lifetime being that quiet loner, only socializing enough to appease and only when absolutely necessary. My husband is the same.
      I would say we are manipulated into social situations because it is a control issue. If people feel they have you under social control, they can control you entirely.
      This is why we have never opted for social clubs of any kind or organized religion of any kind.
      My husband is the same. We are like-minded soulmates, and that and our family is all that matters to us.

    7. I know what u mean and my advice is to firmly say thanks for your opinion and cut them off. If u try to justify why u don't want a social life they will only try harder to make u feel like u r the problem. It's none of their goddamt business anyway.
      I think they hate loners because if u r alone u r sitting and watching and noticing things that u don't see when sitting in the middle of a gaggle of loud bores.
      Even if your not, even if your just sitting there reading a book they don't know that, it worries them I think. They can't tell if u r or u aren't and as we've seen they need everything to be predictable

    8. And I have to say, just to finish off my rant that it peeves me to no end that I can't sit at a bar by myself and have a drink alone with my thoughts or a book without every idiot in the place thinking I must be lonely and try to hit on me. Altho that might be good training because I perfected my "bitch don't even think u r going to talk to me" stare early on and it has served me well. I can be social but I'm more of a loner at heart or just a few cool people who don't need to jabber all the time. It's why I prefer to hang out with stoners. They r cool with being together but also quiet and having your own peaceful head space.

    9. If you look anything like Eva Mendez I'd do my best Will Smith from the movie "Hitch" when they met at the bar.

  14. http://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2016/06/13/narrative-fail-orlando-islamic-terrorist-use-ar-15/