Tuesday, June 14, 2016

56 | June 14, 2016 CNN feature story, the dog that ate Gorilla Glue (Bullshit by the numbers)

This is how news is contrived 101.  Notice the name of the doctor below.

6/14/2016 = 6+14+20+16 = 56

My guess is Gorilla Glue paid for this advertising.



  1. Lol
    Can't help to not think about the marijuana strain gorilla glue which is sativa dominant and very potent and popular in 2016

    Sativa dominant=63
    Dr Baez=336

    He was probably smoking gorilla glue not taking it out of a dog stomach

  2. "Dog swallows gorilla glue"like wtf

  3. "Dog swallows gorilla glue"like wtf

  4. "Weimaraner" = 107 = Shooting
    "Lake" = 29 & 56
    "A Six Month Old Weimaraner" = 108 & 261
    "Six Month Old Weimaraner" = 107 & 1560(English)
    911 is the 156th Prime Number
    "Two Six One" = 144

    "Vet extracts perfect mold of stomach" = 131 = Championship

  5. Ohio legalized marijuana today they are the 25th state to do so

    1. To either celebrate or keep the masses calm after game 6 ?

    2. Idk I see the reflection of 52 in 25 years


  6. I haven't had much time to comment lately, but I wanted to say to you all, you've been killing the decode game lately!

    On another note, I wonder if anyone notices the symbolism in the photo above?


    1. I am admittedly horrific with allegory.
      What do you interpret from the image?

    2. Baez = people
      'stomach' (or guts?) happily in hand.
      The guy is wearing a cross and glasses. I see only very little illumination away from the window light. No overhead lights (like the operative overheads) are on.

    3. It's all about the glasses hanging over the cross...

      I'll more specific about what I see later... First, I want to give a chance to weigh in on this, for as many people as possible. I don't want to influence and suppress other's initial instincts, so I'll wait a little while to chime in with my two cents.

    4. Gotcha. I figured my comment wouldn't lend much insight, so others should have a fair shot! HA!

    5. I've been reading all of your input mir... You've been doing a great job, and have been consistently improving each day.

      *Tips Hat*


    6. Awww, you're sweet. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
      I'm only as good as my spreadsheet atm though! I'll get better eventually.

      FWIW, I missed ya'.


    7. Stethoscope and spiderman on the refrigerator in the background. Cold hearted, web weavers.

    8. I interpret it as a coded 'Matthew 13:13' reference... Also known as 'The Parable of the Sower'.

      Matthew 13:13 - (KJV)

      "Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand." = 1086/474/528(s-exception)

      'The Parable of the Sower' = 222/96/105 (222 + 222 = 444 = Jesus)

      Parable = 55/28 (Numerology = 55/Twenty Eight = 156 = God)

      Sower = 80/26/35 (Eighty = 74/God = 26/Three Five = 53 = Religion)

      Matthew = 90/27 (Ninety = 33 = Two Seven = 123 = The Holy Bible)

      13 + 13 = 26

      Matthew(90/27) + 13 + 13 = 116/53

      Matthew Thirteen Thirteen = 117 = Matthew One Three One Three

      Eleven Seven = 47 = Christian

      One One Seven = 52 = Prophecy

      One Seventeen = 53 = Religion

      One Hundred Seventeen = 91 = Holy Land (Ninety One = 121/49 = Revelation

      One Hundred and Seventeen = 101 = Christian


      Just my own personal interpretation... I still would like to hear about what others may see here.


    9. So you think because it's some sort of Gorilla Glue cautionary tale that it's a parable, so must related to this particular parable?
      Not saying you aren't correct, but how does this relate to the glasses hanging over the cross? I don't get it because I'm thick like that.

  7. This HAS to be a coded message -- anyone who'd BELIEVE this has already had their lobotomy! The article said "Lake" was BACK TO NORMAL WITHIN A FEW HOURS ... umm ... not possible! First, extensive abdominal SURGERY would be REQUIRED (what -- he pulled THAT MASS through her THROAT? Lol lol) -- but that's almost irrelevant because the glue would've bonded to & DESTROYED the lining of her stomach. (Ever try to unstick two FINGERTIPS that've barely touched glue of this type?!)

    I once worked with a vet who barely managed to save a German Shepard that had swallowed a pair of silk panties (lol) ... it was touch & go FOR WEEKS. An Australian Shepard kept eating PEBBLES (rocks -- not cereal, lol) & about twice a year she'd need surgery that nearly killed her. So ... IS THIS A GULLIBILITY TEST?! CNN is now officially in "The Enquirer" realm -- that pic of the doc holding up the mass is even reminiscent of their ridiculous covers.

    Actually ... that MASS looks more like an ENTEROLITH than it does a dog's stomach. Those are masses of tightly compacted, foreign material that can form in the stomachs of any mammal -- usually it's hair (ingested when calves -- or cats, etc. --lick each other ... essentially a big furball ... but calves can't vomit like a cat). Horses can get them when their hay/feed is thrown atop sand -- eventually they'll develop a ball of concrete in their gut.

    ENTEROLITH = 417 (Jewish) ; 126 (Pyth - long) ; 54 (Pyth - short)

    Another 54 (Jewish) = BIG LAKE

    Another 417 (Jewish) = CREATIONISM (like CREATOR, Belmont Stakes winner)

    More 417 = FAKE TERROR ... THE ISRAELIS ...