Wednesday, June 8, 2016

16 30 33 51 90 120 | Cavs defeat Warriors 120-90, Game 3 of NBA Finals, June 8, 2016

Before the game I heard Paul Pierce, aka "The Truth", say he expects Cavs to win big, a double digit margin.  Boy did "The Truth" call it.

The thirty point margin of victory might have been a tribute to the date numerology.

6/8/16 = 6+8+16 = 30

Also, before the game, I noticed the Muhammad Ali tribute came at 6:03 PST / 9:03 EST, it was only for ten or twenty seconds, but remember, Ali just passed on 6/3, 63-days before the Olympics, when the Prophet Muhammad died at age 63.

1st Quarter- 33 Cavs, 16 Warriors (49 combined points)

2nd Quarter- 18 Cavs, 27 Warriors (45 combined points)

The Cavs were stuck on 33-points for an exceptionally long time to start the second quarter, not by coincidence.

Halftime- 51 Cavs, 43 Warriors (94 combined points)

LeBron James = 51
Cleveland = 51
Cleveland Cavs = 51
Conspiracy = 51
51-year drought in Cleveland at beginning of NBA season

3rd Quarter- 38 Cavs, 26 Warriors (64 points) (No wins in Cleveland since 64)

*When the Warriors scored their 46th points, Marc Jackson began talking about Sean Rooks, who just passed at age 46 the day earlier, according to reports...

4th Quarter- 31 Cavs, 21 Warriors (52 points) (No championships in Cleveland now for 52-years...)

Ninety-points has a connection to 'NBA Finals' and 'Cleveland', where the game was played.

Ninety = 33
Cleveland = 33
NBA Finals = 33

Whenever I see '120', I think of 'Illuminati'.

Also, if this series goes to 7 Games, it will be the 120th game all-time between the two teams.

The Big Three scored 35-points...

The interim Big Three scored 82-points...

James and Irving combined for 62, reminding of the start of the Finals, June 2, or 6/2.

Tonight stats don't pop as much, but that might be because of my own limitations in understanding.  The 48 makes for Cleveland might be a tribute to 'James'.  'Illuminati' the small way also sums to '48'.  120 points on 48 shots?

From the start of the season to today's game was 226 days, or 32-weeks and 2-days.  The 226 reminds me of the key game last season between the two teams, February 26, or 2/26.  LeBron won big in that game as well.

***Tonight marked the first time all season that Curry failed to score less than twenty-points in three consecutive games.