Friday, June 3, 2016

33 93 174 | Google takes down Chrome app targeting Jews, known as 'Coincidence Detector'

This is clearly a bullshit story, and a tribute to '33'.  This is an app or extension you can download for 'Chrome', that was seemingly made just for this story.  It comes in the wake of Microsoft, Apple, Google and more saying they were going to curb anti-semitism in the days ahead just days ago.

Notice it is an extension you can download that puts three parentheses around a person's name if they are Jewish.


3 ((( 3 )))

The name of the extension is 'Coincidence Detector', which is no coincidence either.

The New World Order is the Jew World Order.

Propaganda is the name of their game.  And they do it all according to 'Time, or 'Saturn'.

Now the comedy piece!