Sunday, June 5, 2016

34 38 44 47 64 139 | Cat Power's 'The Greatest', January 20, 2006

I liked this song a lot when it came out.  I didn't know gematria then.

1/20/2006 = 1+20+20+6 = 47 (The Greatest)
1/20/06 = 1+20+06 = 27 (27 Club)

In hindsight, this was probably a tribute to the ten year countdown.

The album was released 3-days after Muhammad Ali turned 64-years old.  He became boxing champion of the world in '64, the year of the 'Civil Rights' Act.

And I just noticed this album runs 44-minutes, yes of course.

The album debuted at #34.

Remember, Ali had birth numerology of 34 and died 139-days after his birthday.  139 is the 34th prime number.

1/17/1942 = 1+17+(1+9+4+2) = 34

From January 17, 2016 to Ali's passing, June 3, 2016, was a span of 139-days.


  1. Replies
    1. Cat Power = 101/606(E)/1199(J)

      I wouldn't be surprised if the purchase price of the album was $11.99...

  2. Lyrics to the song The Greatest mention a flood and south. There's been a Flood in Houston right? isn't the Super Bowl going to be there in 2017?

    1. And now seeing Tennessee was where it was recorded. Blue Angel plane crash and the kid drowning in Tennessee all this week too.