Wednesday, June 15, 2016

88 | Sporting News writes, "You're an idiot if you think the NBA is rigged" (Why there needs to be a real Holocaust)

Nick Birdsong?

Bird = 33
Birdsong = 88
Program = 88
Poison = 88

Clearly this fucking idiot hasn't seen my work.

The HQ for the NBA stands out, it is fitting for a Jew run circus.

This argument forgets that these men are paid millions more than they would be making if they were at the warehouse breaking down boxes.  The Jew filth who write this shit expect the retard masses to accept these arguments.

Ha, it's been going on for way longer than the NBA has been around.  These fucking Jews.  I'll tell you what truth seeker, if I get the following I'm after, the real "holocaust" is coming, and this time it won't be a hoax.  Why?  Because the hustle has been going on too long.  It's time for a reset.  Enjoy your last days "Songbird".

It isn't about the players.  It is about duping the masses.  It's about the elite keeping things the way they have been, like a well oiled machine.  Sports are what keep men on their asses.  Sports are what keep the manpower of this world brain dead fucking retarded.

Oh it doesn't?  Strange how I'm showing the history of rigging past synchs up with the history of rigging present.  This Jew has no facts.  And what a straw man argument with the Knicks and Spurs.  Notice how they center the argument around money, something the controllers don't need, but do use to control the masses.

This headline is what the Jews know about the masses.  Just wait until the Jews are nothing more than bones and ash.  We'll see who is smart.