Wednesday, June 15, 2016

88 | Sporting News writes, "You're an idiot if you think the NBA is rigged" (Why there needs to be a real Holocaust)

Nick Birdsong?

Bird = 33
Birdsong = 88
Program = 88
Poison = 88

Clearly this fucking idiot hasn't seen my work.

The HQ for the NBA stands out, it is fitting for a Jew run circus.

This argument forgets that these men are paid millions more than they would be making if they were at the warehouse breaking down boxes.  The Jew filth who write this shit expect the retard masses to accept these arguments.

Ha, it's been going on for way longer than the NBA has been around.  These fucking Jews.  I'll tell you what truth seeker, if I get the following I'm after, the real "holocaust" is coming, and this time it won't be a hoax.  Why?  Because the hustle has been going on too long.  It's time for a reset.  Enjoy your last days "Songbird".

It isn't about the players.  It is about duping the masses.  It's about the elite keeping things the way they have been, like a well oiled machine.  Sports are what keep men on their asses.  Sports are what keep the manpower of this world brain dead fucking retarded.

Oh it doesn't?  Strange how I'm showing the history of rigging past synchs up with the history of rigging present.  This Jew has no facts.  And what a straw man argument with the Knicks and Spurs.  Notice how they center the argument around money, something the controllers don't need, but do use to control the masses.

This headline is what the Jews know about the masses.  Just wait until the Jews are nothing more than bones and ash.  We'll see who is smart.


  1. On the bright side, the fact that they went out if their way to write about it probably means more and more people are waking up! I do agree with everything you say though.

  2. On the bright side, the fact that they went out if their way to write about it probably means more and more people are waking up! I do agree with everything you say though.

  3. I grew up in New Jersey. Seacaucus is where the mobsters dump the dead bodies. Joe Pesci references it in his do I amuse you rant. He calls it " the weeds". Lots of bodies their. Also, the meadowlands, aka where giants stadium aka MetLife stadium is - east Rutherford is seacaucus' neighbor.

  4. Another reason that LeBron had on Takers shirt. One of these pro sports is going to become the fall guy for rigged leagues eventually. Take out the bad guy and everyone else is shiny and chrome.

    It isn't like rigged basketball publicly exists already and still makes money.


  5. What do sports all have in common? Balls


    Football in America is played with an almond/eye shaped ball, helmets, it's a contact sport there is tackling etc

    Football in Europe and rest of world refers to what Americans call soccer
    Non contact

    1. Much like the "greatest" cyclist had to sacrifice his. No balls on bikes.

    2. Yes!
      Lance Armstrong the one ball jack shitty cheater
      Lanza, Adam

    3. This simply isn't true.
      Athletics - Running, jumping, javelin
      Rowing, sailing, surfing, ice-skating, skiing, wrestling, darts
      Ice hockey, curling

    4. Yeah so, running and jumping aren't having there meets broadcast on a regular basis every week all season long like football, basketball, golf, etc

      Motorsports 4 tires
      Tires are round therefore count as balls
      Learn to read the symbolism! you never will if you continuse to think in terms of what makes sense to you, you have to think like they do

    5. Thinking in terms of rolling not just circles or balls. Spinning, getting spun
      Rolling like Rick-rolling.
      Round and round like the ball earth

    6. Looping, rolling, making a circuit, taking a ride, getting ridden, circling the Kabba stone at Mecca
      Hey pilgrim!

      Orbiting the sun
      Isn't that what you are doing? That's what they tell us anyway

  6. I'm brand new. Thus doesn't have to do with sports but my phone just buzzed with a headline about a 2 year old boy who was grabbed by an alligator at Disney world and was killed. Headline was " No Question" boy is dead. I did the Gematria and it comes to 149 in simple value. It gives you a list of other things with same number and Zachary K Hubbard is first on the list. I have no Idea what I'm really doing yet but I had to laugh.

  7. Funny how the obsession with balls has taken the balls of the nations men
    Nice ironic symbolism there.

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  9. Just watched a whole dedicated piece in ESPN talk show dedicated to conspiracy theories in the nba. Hilarious how they must go out their way to deny this. - even mark Cuban called out the commissioner for rigged games.

  10. Idiot---57
    Sleep, Human, Jews, Small, Below, Actor, Magician

    Fifty Seven---131

  11. Jews are always trying to make sure the stupid goyim stay in the dark ...

  12. CRAP I Just seen that Sunday @ 11 am NBA TV is having the CHAMPIONSHIP PARADE! This Sucks Man my Cavs future bet is screwed. Please do a write up on this ZACK and others. Do I have to hedge my bet and take Golden st tomorrow night? HELP

    1. With a Game 6 playback after the WNBA game...

    2. This is a classic psychological tool to make people believe the warriors are winning. They aren't and they won't. This is the new age of sports, where the favorites are lucky to win and anyone can win on any given day. Predictably unpredictably, just how they like it.


    1. look at this twitter page. Not only the NBA TV has a Parade it doesn't have a Game 7 left on the TV schedule look at the rest of the schedule................. Also note that CRAIG SAGER will Be working he 1st NBA FINALS Game.. Craig is very ill from cancer and reports are he has limited time, he is one of the greatest........... This is terrible News

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  15. I can't see Lebron losing the Finals twice in his house 2 years in a row. Remember the comment Curry made about still smelling champagne from last year?

  16. Lol I work in a warehouse, breaking down boxes (amongst other things). Spot on.

  17. The NBA ratings are fabricated, the sport was in trouble the minute Jordan retired. James was the savior and now since dorks and skinny jeans are in style. Time to give the sheep a player who fits their persona. No more steroids !
    Time for the kid next door. Just look at the sneakers curry 2's. Trying to entice the 35-45 dads who's kids are un athletic video game junkies. David stern does not want any part of this NBA. You think ESPN is firing all these big names because the $ is rolling in..

    1. Same with politics and the stock market. Guys like Zack who risk everything to wake up the masses should be honored, not censored.
      There is a shift in consciousness