Wednesday, June 15, 2016

93 | Orlando Strong campaign begins, June 15, 2016

Terrorist Strike = 80/89/98

The French Republican Calendar which began September 23 is in its 224th year of being.  It was very much connected to the Paris, France hoax, and is likely connected to this as well.

Strong = 19+20+18+15+14+7 = 93 (Propaganda)

Mickey Mouse = 49/58/67

United States of America = 102
Key of David = 102
Islamic Extremism = 102 

I'm waiting for the headline about how the alligator pledges its loyalty to ISIS.


  1. They might as well wear mickey Mouse tee shirts.

  2. Dam this is sick

  3. I keep waiting for Ronaldo to make the news soon.

  4. Didn't fall for it with Lance, Boston or Orlando.
    Let the tax payers foot the hoax Bill.

  5. Alligator pledges its loyalty to ISIS -- 412 SE
    Alligator pledges its loyalty to ISIS -- 142/178 ER

    Notice the correspondence between SE and ER, so it could happen.