Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Reader Contribution | LeBron, Space Jam and the NBA Finals


  1. We just passed the day with 216 days left in the year which was May 29. 5/29 to 6/3 is 5 days. It can also be 6 days if you count the end date. Below are calculations for the different measurements between the dates.

    5 Days:
    432,000 seconds
    7200 minutes
    120 hours
    5 days
    1.37% of 2016

    6 Days:
    518,400 seconds
    8640 minutes
    144 hours
    6 days
    1.64% of 2016

    Date Numorology
    6+3+2+1+6 = 9+9 = 18
    6+2+20+16 = 9+36 = 45
    6+2+16 = 24
    6+2+1+6 = 15

    15 = Gate - Start - Nuke - New - The - Fault
    18 = Masons - Gods - Mayan - Halo - Blast(s) - Maze - Setup - Love - Ego
    24 = Holy - Pray - Satanism - Demon - Nuke(k) - Start(s) - Final - Truth - Justice
    45 = Gods - Holy Bible - Golden Gate - Marriage - Geometry - Maze

  2. Muddies the Cavs 4-2 prediction a bit...
    Is there a stronger case for 6 or 7 games?

  3. Awesome....

    I agree, if it goes 7 i think cavs will win on back to back games..

    Maybe that's what all the "back to back" programing that's been going on lately...

    Maybe it is for cleveland.

    Another interesting thing is that the golden state warriors have a career playoff record of "141-141"

    Meaning they will end the finals with a "144" playoff record..... win or lose.

    Warriors are in their "44th" season..

    Okc just lost "44" days after the playoffs started...

    Kill = 44

    Forty four = 144

    1. That Reader Contrib was indeed Awesome. I like Savages comment. Stephen Curry =1071 - Seventy One =144.

      Game 7 is also on the 171st day this year. In this case that means "fall on your number".

      CNBC =48, James =48, etc...Lebron gets crowned King of the NBA so his transition to movies & tv is that much smoother & more accepted.

    2. English Civil War=171 Harambe died age 17 years 1 day. Harambe=48 James=48 King Charles I died age 48 in the 2nd English Civil War. Cavaliers followers of him.

    3. I've said Warriors, but shown a lot for the Cavs as well. I still say Warriors and don't really care if I'm wrong, it's super coded to this English Civil War stuff and will be telling of what's to come with Eliz II and Prince Charles.

    4. I hope you didnt bet Warriors Dan. They are dead meat.

    5. I just started it this year. A lot of the stuff I've mentioned on here though was before my blog and only in my youtube vids. No I didn't bet Warriors, I haven't bet on sports for years just trying to better understand all the aspects of the rigging.

    6. good bc Cavs are the lock of your life man. This coming straight from Vegas man. Ecerybody and their mother thinks GS wins this.

    7. WOW. Mike, question for you: What, in your mind (after numerous fails), makes you continue to tell everyone that you are right? Not only that YOU are right, BUT that EVERYONE should bet!?? We all know you have been so wrong on betting. Are you really taking yourself and your advice seriously about betting at this point?

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    9. Lol Mikehoe Vegas man got fucked on that OKC Spread you dumb fuck. The trap was so obvious a blind man could see it.

      Also Berg didn't you bet on Super Bowl 50?

    10. Warri you keep confusing me with Brother Berg(Extra Capsa) just letting you know. I think he bet on SB 50 right? I didn't though lol. I did say Panthers in SB though you are right. The reason I said Panthers in SB was because they were connected to Prince Charles and I thought it may be a good thing as he would be the new King. It Doesn't mean Lebron won't win, but it makes me wonder. Charles I had King James II as his other son who became King so it could be about James and not Charles who is surrounded by death.

  4. Who you think will win game 1?

  5. Where would game 7 be played at?

    1. If it does play out in seven it could look like this...
      Game 1 - Cavs
      Game 2 - GSW
      Game 3 - GSW
      Game 4 - Cavs
      Game 5 - GSW
      Game 6 - Cavs
      Game 7 - Cavs

      It would look like this 1-2-1-12

      On 1/21/12 Lebron played Philadelphia as a member of the Heat.

      Lebron score twenty eight points.
      twenty eight = 57
      Zach talked about 57 and how it bodes well for the Cavs.

      Lebron scored the 106th point in this game and they finished with 113 points.

      113 is the 30th Prime number.
      30 could be 3, the number of rings Lebron will have after this Finals

      three = 29 (age Lebron was when he went back to Cleveland)

    2. Philadelphia score 92 points in that game.
      92 is the reflection of 29. Again the age Lebron went back to Cleveland.

    3. twenty sixteen nba finals = 92
      Maybe forshadowing...

    4. june second = 38, 110
      six two = 110

      One hundred ten = 66 (Lebron)

    5. Purpose = 110
      Lebron has been playing with a purpose this post season to win Cleveland a championship

  6. Zach found this on espn first take. Cavs are headed into game 1 with 3pt fgs of 14.4(144) to warriors 12.5

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  8. Nothing wrong with that bet Mike. It's solid.

    1. all ive seen is that cleveland is gunna win for the last 4 months so why not load up! Im putting 500 on cavs 4-3 at 6-1 and 250 on cavs 4-3 and the 3k on cavs at 3-1....

  9. I think cavs when back to back .. As much as I want warriors to win, I rather expose how fucking rigged this crap is lol

  10. 6+2+20+16 = 44
    Lebron scored 44 points in game loss last year

    I think Cavs win Game 1 this year.

    NBA finals game one = 66
    Lebron = 66