Tuesday, August 2, 2016

44 46 67 88 331 | 'Trump withholds support' for Paul Ryan & John McCain, August 2, 2016 headlines

331, the 67th prime number; Blood Sacrifice = 67; Freemasonry = 67; Revelation = 67
133, the reflection of 331; Government = 133; White House = 133
Prophecy = 106; Entertain = 106; Destroy = 106

In regards to the 'blood sacrifice' connection with the headline, keep in mind that today, the day of this headline on CNN, has '46' numerology.

8/2/2016 = 8+2+20+16 = 46 (Sacrifice = 46) (Trump born in '46)

8:44 post time, or 8:8.  Trump = 88 (Trump attempting to become 44th person to be President)



  1. Hi Zachary, Thank you for all your hard work! I really enjoy reading your posts and watching your videos! I am looking forward to your book! Please can you tell me if you have a Gematria Dictionary link or video? You often mention the importance of specific words and numbers but I am struggling to remember them whilst doing my own research. If there was perhaps a list of the important numbers and words they sum to, that'd be great! Thanks again! Miss PD.

    1. I will start working on putting this together, thank you for the request!

    2. I agree. Would be very helpful for people just starting out. I have the same problem. Thank you!

    3. This is a great idea. Thanks.

  2. I was just looking at Clinton's bio, she became first lady of Arkansas in 1979, champion=79 O,November eighth=79 R,From 1979 to 2017 is 38 years winner 38 R, she then became first lady of Arkansas again in 1983, winner=83 O Clinton=87 O, Victor=87. Like you say elections are well planned in advance, she's probably been picked to be the 45th president since 1979 or earlier.

    1. Probably since 10/26/1947.
      10/26/47 = 10+26+47 = 83

    2. 10/26/1947 = 10+26+19+47 = 102
      She started her campaign on the 102nd day of the year.

    3. Womens Suffrage--172

      Hillary Clinton--172

      I have never looked into the Rodhams much. I wonder about that family too. But this has all been planned for probably even longer then we think.

    4. On 2/17 she held a big rally in America's Zion capital, Chicago

  3. 8:44 pm Post Time?

    "Forty Four Minutes After Eight" = 137 [33rd Prime]
    "Sixteen Minutes Before Nine" = 119 <===

    Post by Dana Dash?
    "Dana Dash" = 25 & 52 [Reflections]
    "Prophecy" = 52

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  5. Today is also 888 in roman numerals
    II・VIII・MMXVI in English Gematria Equals: 888