Tuesday, August 2, 2016

49 58 66 129 139 | Maracana Stadium, Rio Olympics opening August 5 & the mocking of the 'U.S. Olympic Uniforms'

What a perfect headline in gematria!

USA = 3+1+1 = 5/14
Olympic = 6+3+7+4+7+9+3 = 39
uniforms = 3+5+9+6+6+9+4+1 = 43/52
mocked = 4+6+3+2+5+4 = 24
USA Olympic uniforms mocked = 111/129 (America = 129, Jewish Gematria)


The name of the stadium also pops.  Remember, the opening of the Olympics are August 5, or 5/8, and 'freemasonry' has gematria of '58' and '139'.

Maracana = 4+1+9+1+3+1+5+1 = 25
Stadium = 1+2+1+4+9+3+4 = 24/33
Maracana Stadium = 49/58 (Revelation = 49) (Freemasonry = 58)

Maracana = 13+1+18+1+3+1+14+1 = 52
Stadium = 19+20+1+4+9+21+13 = 87
Maracana Stadium = 139 (Freemasonry = 139)

Regarding the 'Revelation' connection, the stadium turned 66-years old on June 16, or 16/6.  Again, Revelation is the 66th Book of most Bibles.

If you read the article, you'll see that the mocking is about the uniforms appearing as Russian as they are U.S.  Of course, Russia and the United States truly serve the same banker tyrant masters.


  1. Maracana Stadium? Reminds me of Americana = 38, look out for some deaths during the festivities. 'Mericana! I can hear the hicks now

  2. Haha -- I thought it said MACARENA Stadium -- like that stupid dance & annoying song from the 90's ("Clinton Years"). Looked it up & what do you know -- it came out ... TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY. What are the odds ...? ;D :D

    1. Was the big hit at the 96 Games. I remember being there and hearing it everywhere. Even the girls gymnastics team was dancing to it, which is funny, because it's essentially about a girl who likes to fuck.

    2. No shit? I never knew what it was about -- couldn't make out the lyrics (& never bothered to look it up, lol). That was the ATL olympics -- with the bombing & Richard Jewell & all that nonsense ... the whole infrastructure built by labor secretly imported from "south of the border" -- probably the only people who actually understood what those girls were dancing to. That's layers upon layers of twisted shit!! ;D:D

  3. ALL of the jackets look way too SMALL ... like those weird ones always showing up on North Korea's Dear Leader. At least we know now that he probably uses Ralph Lauren too ... & that R. L. needs to retire -- his eyesight is shot to hell, lol! ;D :D

  4. Is it me -- or do these outfits make them all look like MORMON MISSIONARIES?? Put copies of The Watchtower in their hands, then sit back & just watch how many people hurriedly draw their blinds ... Lol! Okay, I'm done with this now -- yes, these "costumes" -- that are SUPPOSED to be "Representative Of Our Country" -- ARE an ugly waste of money.

    Ripped jeans & T-shirts would probably be more accurate -- assuming of course, that they wanted to AVOID the "Light Blue Polo Shirts & Khaki Pants" worn by ALL of the Zionist "fixers" present at EVERY U.S. False Flag & Hoax Event! Lol ;D :D

  5. I see what u mean. Like schoolboy jackets.
    Mormons or Romans?
    Planet Kolob

    1. Wow -- had to find out what Planet Kobol was ... & ... Well -- hell's bells -- WTF?? If you're looking through a telescope tonight & happen to see pieces of brain matter floating around -- they're mine ... my head exploded as I began "learning" about the intricate weirdness of this "religion".

      Go to the wiki page for Kobol, then down to the 24th entry under References: it links to an 1835 writing by Joseph Smith Jr. titled, "Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language".

      These phonetically bizarre interpretations contain everything from ISIS to ZI (virgins) & KA ... (ZI-KA?!) ... Probably a LOT of our "news" is being "crafted" with this alternate "dictionary". Mormons, after all, ARE some of the most fanatical Zionists out there -- & ALL of what I'm finding has direct links to Judaism & Freemasonry.

      Definitely gonna have to study up on this -- soon as I finish retrieving the scattered remnants of my psyche.

      Life will certainly never be the same again. Thank you ... I think ... Lol!! ;D :D

  6. Thought there might be somebody who'd want to see this. From the first Olympics in 776 BC to 2016 is 2792 years. Two Thousand seven hundred ninety two = 444 E.O. 147 E.R. Master builder number


    1. Interesting info! When I see 2792, I also see 9 11 ... 2+7= 9 & 9+2= 11. That's also how it would likely be spoken -- as in 27 92 (if it were a date rather than a sum). Thanks! ;D :D

    2. Yeah, that's there too. When you open a stinky can of gematria all kinds of things happen!

      How bout this?
      two seven nine two 223/70

    3. Thanks for checking that out, That!

    4. Damn -- great connection with the written number equaling 223/70!!

      Just realized that this olympics also comes during the sign of LEO -- & Law Enforcement Officers -- LEOs -- are all we keep hearing about ...

      Hocus Pocus (Hoke Us, Poke Us?!). Better keep our cats inside ... they'll be ritualistically after them. Not joking about that -- both the Vatican (Middle Ages) AND the Protestants (Reformation) made it an execution-able offense to have a cat ... Which in turn caused the rat population to swell & plague to spread rapidly. (Ta-Dah ... Fun Fact Of The Day -- lol!!) ;D :D

    5. Yep. Great thinking. 8/8 is a day to look out for. Black and Blue = 88

  7. Ralph Lauren? The racist? With all the 88'S ON THEIR SHIT IN MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. Everyone knew 88 stood for H H and Hail Hitler. Gematria before it was hipster trendy..

  8. Short blue sports jacket = 79/277

  9. This is related to the shooting today 07/08/16

    "Peaty into Rio final as GB await medals" in the English Reduction system equals 139
    "Maracana stadium" in the English Ordinal system equals 139
    "Freemasonry" in the English Ordinal system equals 139
    139 is the 34th prime
    "Murder" in the English Reduction system equals 34
    "Bombeiros" in the English Reduction system equals 44
    193 is the 44th prime
    It's also a lot like 139...
    Reminder: Kill = 44
    also "Shooting" in the English Reduction system equals 44
    USA-193, also known as NRO launch 21, was a U.S. military reconnaissance satellite launched on December 14, 2006.
    14+12+2+6= 34
    1+4+1+2+2+6= 16 (like the year 2016)
    14+12+20+6= 52
    Prophecy = 52
    Today's date equaling 51:
    "Conspiracy" in the English Reduction system equals 51
    "RIO DE JANEIRO" in the English Ordinal system equals 123
    "Conspiracy" in the English Ordinal system equals 123
    "Peaty" in the English Reduction system equals 22
    7+8+1+6= 22
    "Peaty" in the English Ordinal system equals 67
    Freemasonry= 67 (6+9+5+5+4+1+10+6+5+9+7)
    "Associated Press" in the English Ordinal system equals 173
    173 is the 40th prime
    Olympics= 40 (this could just be coincidence)
    Headline "First rio gold goes to us shooter" in the English Reduction system equals 139
    "First rio gold goes to us shooter" in the English Ordinal system equals 373
    373 is the 74th prime
    Jesus, Cross, Masonic, Jewish, Messiah, Muhammad, Lucifer = 74