Wednesday, August 3, 2016

47 55 83 113 | 'GOP freaks out', Donald Trump refuses to endorse Paul Ryan, August 3, 2016

What a headline!  Recall, '55' is Paul Ryan's number.  That's the age his father was ritually sacrificed at for his future political career, selling out Americans.  Sacrifice = 55

Read about Trump vs Ryan on May 5, 2016:
Read about Paul Ryan and the death of his father:

The 1:11 post time is a tribute to New York.  New York = 111

If anything happens to Donald Trump, Paul Ryan might end up being the Republican nominee fill-in. This news comes on a date with '47' numerology.  President = 47

8/3/2016 = 8+3+20+16 = 47
*Election = 83; Leap Year = 83; The Donald = 83

It was April 12, 2016, Paul Ryan said he wouldn't run for President.  That was 211-days 'til the election, the 47th prime:

Update, they edited the headline.

The = 2+8+5 = 15
GOPs = 7+6+7+1 = 21/30
Trump = 2+9+3+4+7 = 25
freak = 6+9+5+1+2 = 23/32
out = 6+3+2 = 11
The GOP's Trump freak-out = 95/104/113

And the subheadlines are Mr. 322, Mr. Fake Muslim, Mr. Military Industrial Complex Pawn.


  1. Goddammit look at Trump's face. Take a good long look at it.

    That's Pan, the Saytyr, Puck, Faunus, whatever name u want to call him. He's the symbol/avatar/character or personification of prankster god who hypnotist people with his pan flute. That's why his mouth is always open like a blowhole.

    Remember how mythology always talks about aspects of the gods? We can probably understand that better as SIMS characters.
    MK Ultra handlers?

    Put it together people!!!

    1. Clown face with make up.. Nothing more nothing less. A fucking stooge

  2. The reason it's called the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    George Carlin
    Clearer Going
    Oracle Nigger
    Ginger Oracle

    American Dream = Cameraman Ride

  3. Ryan Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 47

    Nov. 4 is 93 Days from today.

    Trump Drops Out of Race" in the English Reduction system equals 93

    Melania " in the English Ordinal system equals 55

    Melania Dies" in the English Reduction system equals 47

    Paul Melania Warning" in the English Reduction system equals 83

  4. This post isn't to take away from any of your work and insights but to ask sincerely whether you would attribute this matrix you're uncovering (and by the way, your work is becoming like an algorithm, getting more refined the more data is poured into it) to a higher intelligence rather than to the mere conscious scheming of humans? I recognize the conspiracies and hoaxes and false flags we are surrounded with, and at some level there are human schemes enacting them, but the events span so much time and geography as to make them as I see it beyond human calculation much less human execution. Nine-eleven of course was decades or more in realization, with so many moving parts and coordination required as to make one's head explode. The planners wouldn't have time to do anything else! Or were those carrying it out playing a part in which they had no choice over? What I mean is: are they being directed by a force beyond them. Or what if the manchurian-athlete Lebron James, raised from birth to be whatever it is he is today, had been (legitmately) hit by a car, say, when he was 19? Or when he was on his way to the Finals this past June? Where would that have left the planners who had invested so much in him and what would that have done to the narrative? Accidents Do happen, right?, unless of course they don't, which gets to my point. On a personal level, my first and last names sum to 19; my last name alone is 55. I played sports in high school and in college and wore 55 in high school in one sport and 19 in college for another. I find that fascinating. (I also wore some other numbers at times but 55 and 19 were the two most significant.) I didn't know anything about gematria then and no one told me to wear those number except for a voice in my own head. Being of what many describe as a creative-sort too, I know from experience that artists in the act of creation (or what is probably better termed as revelation, as in revealing) some times "get into the groove and put out something they have no idea was in them. Certain aspects of a project you're working on, when you're really in the zone, align such that it all seems planned after the fact but never would have aligned had you tried to do so, consciously yourself. What I'm getting at is sometimes it seems we tap into a frequency of a network that is not available to our conscious selves, and it's that frequency which is really orchestrating the grand stage of life. So what is behind this? The Grand Pooh Bahs in their fez caps? It has to be something more.

    1. You're probably underestimating how smart these people really are. You're also underestimating how patient they are too. Of course random chance like you picking your jersey number occurs, but Zach has demonstrated time and time again how many of these stories synch up, and appear to be planned well in advance. It's a network of people worldwide. A lot of these hoaxes end up being sloppy, but they probably figure that they have our minds already with all of devices that are around. They have likely won, and I don't say that to be negative, but humanity proves time and time again that it prefers slavery, and these masons know that. I doubt they are scared of an awakening of any sorts at this present time.

    2. Also, computers could be doing most of the work, which is what I suspect, for how events are orchestrated by the numbers, at the level they are.

    3. @MC
      You wore 55 because that number was programmed from the first time you watched
      Football or a sport that caught your minds attention same with 19. Your mind is constantly under subliminal hypnosis. There are 400 nba players 5% of those players are superstars. Only
      1 is Lebron James. If Lebron had gotten into an accident there are plenty of talented players that would be in his role. watch the globetrotters those guys are 10 times more skillful than nba players. Some media and steroids , commercials and hype boom superstar is born it's that EASY.
      The ZIONIST DEVIL JEWS are the ones who have acces to distorting our reality through programs that involve SATURN. Now do I think it's only Zionist nooooooo there's others, do I think it's Saturn , noooooooo there's more. The only way OUT of this matrix is to UNPLUG. We all are so called AWAKE now, why ??? How ??? Not very many others believe any of this. I think this AWAKE state is just another ROOM and we're all just chasing our tails. You really think the truth is on (JEWTUBE)??? Lmao, cmon. Every fucking thing is coded and firewalled. Zack knows what I'm saying 😈

  5. One further thought, quickly: I don't think there is a producer at CNN who before the headline goes up checks his or her gematria calculator to make sure it synchs numerologically with the death of Napolean or whatever. But that doesn't mean it doesn't or that you're not absolutely onto something.

    1. @MC go watch two pit bulls mate.
      Cnn is a FUCKING production with scripts you moron. Probably an agent, GTFO

  6. Time perception. Your looking at the past. Think about memory. 911 was 15 years ago yet u can recall it pretty well right? Where you were WHT u were doing when it happened, etc...but do you remember what you were doing and where you were 5 years ago on a Tuesday in May? Probably not so well unless it was your birthday or some other event important to you.

    TI'm passing, perception, what goes on at night while u sleep?

  7. I knew I should have changed my handle. Actually, didn't even think to look that up and to be clear I'm not challenging your work in the least just trying to get my head around this could all work out on a practical level. Not looking for answers from here either. But these patterns extend beyond language and news headlines, as I'm sure you're aware. They reach into the built environment, perhaps even the natural one, at dizzying, three- (or more) dimensional levels. Over at the secretsinplainsight blog, the writer traces these connections across the world, using GPS and Google earth to uncover "accurate long distance patterns in a way that is impossible with paper maps." As he writes for example, "the base of Cleopatra’s needle [in London is] 3333.33 km from where it stood in Alexandria for 2 millennia. Deep planning indeed!"

    If true, how can this be accomplished even if someone or someones wanted to -- with or without GPS? Think about the implications. It was put up in London in 1877 and they got it right (i.e. 3333.33 km away), as confirmed by Google earth today? Then again, who makes the maps and the GPSs and the Google Earths? Those in the club(s) of course. SO perhaps the maps and the like are rigged like the language to show patterns that may not actually exist in the physical world. The mind boggles.

    My own take, and I'll leave it at this and get back to following your work, is that this is a combination of higher intelligence and human activity. Those in the clubs are aware that there is an intelligent design flowing through everything and as such they worship it through numerology and seek to emulate it but something else is steering it. Perhaps that's Lucifer.

    1. I wouldn't disagree with that. I have no idea what the fuck is going on, I just know that the world and history we were raised with is bullshit.
      I was thI king along the lines of some type of dream sharing technology or something but your guess is as good as mine. I'm just done paying bills and believing that anyone can throw me out if my house. Fuck them. I've paid long enough they can kiss my ass.
      They want us to believe Donald Trump is a presidential contender and a milluonaire? Shut the fuck up he's an actor and so is Hillary. Bunch of SIMs fake personas.
      I may be ignorant bUT I'm not stupid. I'm sick of being treated like a child not allowed to do anything but forced to pay pay pay for everything and told it's all my fault? Fuck them. If I'm an adult then tell the the goddammnd truth of wtf is going on here!!!! And if I'm a child too young to know then I'm too young to owe anone money and these bitches are pedos