Tuesday, August 2, 2016

64 85 93 | Donald Trump has harsh words for Barack Obama, August 2, 2016, calls him 'the worst President'

Barack Hussein Obama = 64
Civil Rights = 64

Hillary = 85
Matrix = 85

Propaganda = 93
Martin Luther King Jr. = 93
Malcolm X = 93
Saturn = 93



  1. Hes telling the truth but he will be an even worse president.

    1. Every president since the 1st has been the worst, until the next guy steps in. They all just advance an agenda. I know you know this. It's just sad to see people argue about this.

    2. They are all just a bunch of SIMs anyway.
      That's why Obama's birth certificate was such a big deal and he just kinda appeared out of nowhere. Gotta let ya know, right? With the wink and nod.

      EA games
      Electronic ARTs, Inc

      Somebody run those numbers, will ya?

    3. Sim -- 14 SE, 129 JE
      Sim -- 14/23 ER

      Sims -- 60 SE, 219 JE
      Sims -- 15/33 ER

      Sim City -- 98 SE, 641 JE, 35/44 ER

      EA -- 5 1 -- 6
      EA Games -- 51 SE, 139 JE
      EA Games -- 24/33 ER
      EARTh -- 25 SE, 194 JE, 52 ER

      Electronic ARTs, Inc -- 188 SE, 638 JE
      Electronic ARTs, Inc -- 80/89 ER

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  3. Hey guys does the number 47 connect with 247 in gematria and numerology?

    1. Some sources would say yes just because it has the same number sequence in it.

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  5. From Prince's death to Obama's supposed bday tomorrow is 105 days, or 3 months and 14 days 3.14). 106 (prophecy) days would be the day after Obama's bday. Possibly two days to look out for...

  6. Of course Obama is the worst POTUS Puppet; did blacks (I'm 'black') REALLY think he'd be Tony the Tiger GRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAT?! Just wait til EVERYONE finds out that Joan Rivers was NOT lying, the Obama is a Twinkie, and Michelle is Micheal....Can't even conjure that image in my mind, "Michelle slammin the "Leader of the free-world" from the back door...Hahahahaha...WOW! This gotta be the 2nd worst joke on Black ppl EVER; NOT even gonna go into what the 1st one is.....The proverbial shit is REALLY gonna hit the fan, when THAT one comes out...Zach LOVE your SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT BRUH!!!

    1. Just like Hillary will end up being a troll on women.