Friday, August 19, 2016

63 | Ryan Lochte apologies for Rio robbery story, August 19, 2016 (by the numbers)

Apology = 1+7+6+3+6+7+7 = 37
Apology = 1+16+15+12+15+7+25 = 91

This headline comes on a date with '63' numerology.

8/19/2016 = 8+19+20+16 = 63 (1-63 summed totals 2016) (Phelps, 63 races)
Lochte = 12+15+3+8+20+5 = 63

This story might be serving all of the following purposes:
-At first, to create the stereotype Brazil is a dangerous place
-To further tarnish the U.S.A. in the eyes of the international community
-To serve as a tribute to Michael Phelps, who gold medals were scripted for
-To reenforce the fact that the U.S.A. is full of dishonest, immoral, liars and cheaters


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    1. Also, I get a lot of a Rich Yuppie gets away with it type vibe from all this. I doubt he will have much of a penalty for this. Brazil won't come after him over a minor offense, and anything he "loses" stateside will come back 10 fold for his willing participation.

    2. this was my first thought as well. all haughty and shit with that platinum douche blond - you KNOW this fucker will only be "humiliated". I wonder how many young people are willing to withstand public scorn for compensation?

  2. I personally feel the swimmers went to buy drugs. Tried getting high on some garbage and trashed the bathroom. The witness stated the gas station employee was the one who pulled the gun keep the swimmers from leaving without paying for damages.

    1. Sex and drugs is the only reason to visit rio. Lochte is a Florida native and trains in Miami.
      He reminds me of Johnny Manziel. Coke, pills
      Alcohol the usual Florida cocktail.

      I agree with zach

    2. The story is all contrived bullshit is the point.

  3. You guys would love this. So this morning (I'm on East Coast) I played golf with my friend. This one older guy joined us and he started talking about his life and how he feels comfortable retiring with Obama in office. Then he started saying how most leaders in the government all work for the same gang and we started talking about 9/11 being an inside job and he even mentioned the exact word "Zionism" before I did. So I knew this guy was somewhat enlightened...until he started talking about how he was gonna vote for Trump because the Clintons are murderers. He even mentioned a story about how some people he knew from the '80s found cocaine being smuggled from an Arkansas airport to Bohemian Grove I believe, and they tried to report it, but the Clintons and Bushes were involved and the people who tried to report it we're tied to railroad tracks and ran over. All that shortly before Bill became governor of Arkansas. Anyway I referred him to Zach, because while he saw through media and Freemasonry, he didn't get the WHOLE picture. What I find frightening though is that his first name is Rob (as in Robert, a 33 name) and his last name is Manwiller, 44 gematria reduced. He also told me he got his current driver (golf club) online for FORTY-SEVEN dollars plus ELEVEN for shipping for a total of 58. There's numbers all over the guy...I find it creepy. Any thoughts?

    1. That is a very interesting story. Trust your gut.

    2. Golf is played on greens.
      18 holes
      Black holes
      Green screens
      4, the Force

  4. Is it me or does this guy look like 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey? (Former husband of Jessica Simpson). I think he acted out to draw attention to some cloning experiment.

  5. Agree with you Zach on all points -- nothing resembling truth will ever emerge from this. It'll disappear whenever the Hidden "Goal" is achieved.

    The U.S. Spokesman's name -- SANDUSKY -- caught my eye. JERRY "SANDUSKY" is synonymous with PEDOPHILE -- worldwide, thanks to media hype. So ... seriously? They couldn't find ANYONE else for such a PUBLIC job? Someone with a less-tarnished last name?

    Even the swimmer named FEAGIN recalls the character of FAGIN from Oliver Twist -- the evil guy who Enslaved Children. Is there a "Hidden Theme" to all of this?

    They'd supposedly just left a FRENCH "Hospitality Party" ...

    What did they have in their possession when they left? Photos that could be used for blackmail? More than likely they WOULD'VE been "on board" with whatever might've gone down at this "party" ... we have to remember how involved "SANDUSKY" is in all this hoopla.

    I wonder if it was "7" Armed Men -- like in the "El Chapo's Son" story?

    "SEVEN-ARMED MEN" is crypto-speak for MENORAH ... the 7-armed candelabra on the ISRAELI COAT OF ARMS ...! ;D :D

    1. Great observations as always friend.

    2. There is something fishy, pun purposed, about the whole thing. I have no doubt that they are involved in some sordid sexual things and the whole Fagin thing is brilliant. Fag In. Gay Pool. Apology.

    3. Thanks! The "Lord's" (heh heh) comments reminded me too about Greg Louganis -- the Olympic diver who didn't disclose he was HIV positive until months after he cracked his head open at the '88 Olympics ... & how that got everyone pretty stirred up.

      Looked into him -- he's now a "Mentor" to the American divers at Rio.

      Born: Jan. 29, 1960 (age 56). 1/29/1960 = 1 11 16 ... 111 -- nice, eh?

      He might be one of those Manchurian Athletes. Supposedly "given up for adoption at 8 months old -- by his "teenage" parents (i.e. Records sealed - impossible to trace?)
      Started gymnastics classes at 18 MONTHS (!) -- (at that age, most kids can barely trundle across a room without falling ... hmmm ...
      He broke several records that STILL remain ...
      And was used as the "model" for a "HUMANOID ROBOT" in the movie PROMETHEUS ...

      He's been a prominent LGBT Activist --
      Yet I couldn't find any info on his current HIV status. He was "diagnosed" in '87 or '88 -- that's a LONG survival period for someone diagnosed back then.

      Reminds me of MAGIC JOHNSON (great name to push the AIDS agenda, eh?) ...
      Maybe Louganis NEVER had HIV at all -- last time I checked, HUMANOID ROBOTS are immune to such things. But it WOULD make a great COVER STORY to hide what he REALLY is! ;D :D

    4. I have long held a belief that HIV may be a real disease, but it is cureable, and full blown AIDS is just something the doctors help give you with the HIV treatments. But, you know, I am paranoid.

      I do remember Greg, I wonder now did they have the HIV story planned and the head bash was part of it, or was that an accident which they took advantage of? Of course, science determined at that point that Aids couldn't survive in chlorine, I remember that tidbit.

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    1. Interesting observation.
      Gay = 33
      Pool = 58

  7. @Ben

    Think you played golf with a free mason.

    1. Funny thing is he kept talking bad about them...also funny that I met him because I played the front 9, then we stopped for lunch at the clubhouse, but when we went to play the back there were a bunch of foursomes coming through, so we were instead forced to play the front 9 again. This guy was in the first fairway when we got up there and he waved at us to hit our balls and come join him...usually you wait for the other group to catch up to you entirely before joining them or just stay ahead the whole time. My friend has stopped at that restaurant between 9s for as long as we did today every time he plays that course and has never been stopped from playing the back 9...almost as if it was meant to happen. I don't know how to react, because he said he never heard of Zach, and even my last name has both 33 and 96 gematria. I told Zach about my last name and he says it's entirely possible that I have roots, even if I'm not in the Illuminati myself. So I think if this guy is legit, he has roots at least.

  8. The movie Seven Pounds

    123 min long,

    Great movie.

  9. Watching cars 2

    One car asked Sandy what she was doing ...
    Scene where the clock tower gears will crush the cars if it strikes 3pm.. Clock was at 2:50.

    " I'm trying to stop time , if I can just reverse the polarities"

    I instantly thought of CERN.

  10. Ryan Lochte

    Later on

  11. Don't get me wrong I agree with you but my uncle and his kids was recently kidnapped in Brazil. - but that can happen anywhere in the world.