Thursday, August 18, 2016

6 49 52 66 666 | Why Usain Bolt is being run in lane six at the Rio Summer Olympics, the "Prophecy Games"

Notice below the mention of Bolt ripping #6 off angrily.  I'll show you very quickly why the have the 'Jamaican' lining up in lane 'six'.

Recall, Revelation is the 66th Book of the bible, and this year the sprinting competitions are happening in Maracana Stadium, which is 66-years old:

Read about Usain Bolt and Revelation 21:8:

The name 'Bolt' also has '49' gematria.

Bolt = 2+15+12+20 = 49 (Revelation) (Maracana Stadium)

If you have missed my other work on the prophecy coding in these games, please take a look, there are numerous examples.  Just search 'Rio' in the top left corner.

Bolt also supposedly makes $33m per year.  Forbe's reported that as his annual income just last week.


  1. As you see both of his hands flashing the horns in the pic above. The latest pic on ESPN has him extending both arms out with both hands touching ring finger to thumb, another way of displaying A-Ok aka 666

  2. too bad he's not rocking his compass and square ring as well. must just be for when he DJ's.

  3. Too true. Shit is disturbing. I'd rather be on our side than theirs anyday.

  4. Bolt flashed the "One Eyed Symbolism" at his 100 metres final as he was coming out, did anyone see it ?

  5. I did not see that English, but I don't doubt it one bit. These people will all burn one day. They are just having their short moment in the sun. Hope it's all worth it for them.


  6. Triple Triple = 33