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Is my life a giant coincidence? The ghost of Ernest Hemingway

When I was age 5, and things were a little simpler.  1988

The more I learn the more life challenges and changes me in significant ways that fulfill the soul.  It is fascinating investigating birthdates and how these dates might be connected to events that previously seem totally unrelated.  In my story, you will see how the history of my mother's date of birth coincides with my own birthday.  The dates seem to have a magnetic attraction.  Since I started investigating numbers and dates these inexplicable coincidences have been found within my own life in greater and greater abundance.  Discovering these coincidences has helped me put some other coincidences from my own personal past more into focus, going back as far as college and beyond.  With that said, let us get into this very special connection my mother and I have, that I never knew before last evening.

For many years it has been known to me that my birthday is shared with the great American Author, Ernest Hemingway.  He was born July 21, 1899, in the year of the Pig, just like me, 1983.  I was born exactly 84 years later (or 6 cycles of "The Pig" later), on July 21, 1983.  The number 84 has also recently become a curiosity in my life.  I've met a very beautiful lady who I am grateful for, and she is born on June 25, the same day as George Orwell, who wrote the book 1984. I was born 5 months and 11 days before 1984, at 7:11 pm.  It was this beautiful girl, who gave me the motivation to begin this blog.  I've always had the urge, I just needed her nudge, for whatever inexplicable reason.  Or that is, what was previously unexplained.

My mother was born on September 8, 1952 (in numerology summing to 34).  On this day in history, Ernest Hemingway's  Old Man and the Sea would be published.  Many say this is his greatest writing achievement.  It is about a story that coincides much with my life.  Ask yourself, what are the odds of a son having the birth of a famous author, and the mother having a birth on the publishing date of that author's greatest writing achievement?  It is odd, at the very least.  But it gets odder.

Description of Old Man and the Sea:
The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway's most enduring works. Told in language of great simplicity and power, it is the story of an old Cuban fisherman, down on his luck, and his supreme ordeal -- a relentless, agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream.
Here Hemingway recasts, in strikingly contemporary style, the classic theme of courage in the face of defeat, of personal triumph won from loss. Written in 1952, this hugely successful novella confirmed his power and presence in the literary world and played a large part in his winning the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature.

An indirect incident with a Cuban once had a changing impact on my life.  I was completely kicked out of an eighth grade English class and put into another English class for doing something the teacher thought was inappropriate.  I was expelled from the class after we were asked to dress as a historical figure from the past and give a presentation on their life's work and accomplishments.  For my presentation, I dressed as Fidel Castro the revolutionary and gave a pro-Castro point of view.  My teacher was appalled and had me put in a different classroom, where I would meet my friend Adam, who I would end up becoming good friends with and rooming with through most of college.  Without my mother's influence on me, this would have never happened.  My mother was the third of nine children born into the family of eleven, and is considered the black sheep and the rebel.  She taught me that Castro was disliked because he refused American Corporations such as McDonald's and was hated by our government for it.  Without her rebel influence, I wouldn't be me, and I wouldn't have probably made a good friend.  In 2007, after I moved to Seattle, and not having talked to Adam for a couple of years, I coincidentally ran into his older brother Mark, while crossing the street in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle.  Since crossing paths, we have become good friends and are now home owners in the same neighborhood.

At the age of 30, my mother would give birth to me, in Portland, Oregon, the 33rd State, on July 21, 1983 (in numerology summing to 31, Freemasonry sums the degrees 31 to 33).  This date, in history, is still the coldest temperature officially recorded in the time man has been capable of keeping such information.  It was reported on December 10, 2013 that satellite radars detected the coldest temperature ever, but these measurements are not considered official.

My mother would name me Zachary.  In Hebrew, Zachary means- In remembrance of God.  The name Zachary is equal to ten in gematria.
  • ZACHARY = 8+1+3+8+1+9+7 = 37 = 10
  • 10 = God for a mathematical reason
    • 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55 = 5+5 = 10
    • In other words, 10 is a perfect reflection of itself.  No other number has this property in numerology.
    • One greater than God is Satan, thus 11.
    • One greater than Satan is a woman, and completion, which equals 12.
All my life, people have accidentally called me Joshua.  From people I know, to people I just met.  It has been ongoing since I was a little child, while with baby fat, while with beard; while with short hair and while with the Big Lebowski Jesus look.  Joshua, Josh, Joshua.

Joshua, it turns out is the English translation of Jesus and has a Hebrew meaning of In tribute to Jehovah.  It comes from the Greek work for Jesus, Yeoushua.  Joshua and Jesus are equals in Gematria.
  • JOSHUA = 10+15+19+8+21+1 = 74 = 11
  • JESUS = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74 = 11
    • Jesus was crucified at 33
      • Oregon is the 33rd State
      • OREGON = 15+18+5+7+15+14 = 74
      • OR abbreviation = 15+18 = 33
My mother had one other child, my beautiful older sister.  Her birthday is December 7, 1971.  December 7 is the day Delaware, the first state was established, and Pearl Harbor Day. Delaware was founded on a date summing to 33 in numerology.  Recall Delaware is the first state and Hawaii is the fiftieth and final. 
  • December  7, 1787 = 1+2+7+1+7+8+7 = 33
  • Delaware = 4+5+3+1+5+1+9+5 = 33
  • HAWAII = 8+1+5+1+9+9 = 33
My father was born April 18, 1953 (in numerology summing to 31, same as me, his son).  On this date in history, "Pal Joey" the performance would be retired after 542 performances.  Rick Moranis was also born April 18, 1953.  Double actor dip.  My father was never told who his father was.  His mother only let him know that his father had the last name Greenblat.  In other words, if my father had a father, our last name would be Greenblat instead of Hubbard.  There is something special about both the name Greenblat and Hubbard.  Let us examine the numerology.

GREENBLAT = 7+9+5+5+5+2+3+1+2 = 39

Greenblat, a Jewish name, also had the number 555 coded into it, and sums to 39, another important number.  For whatever reason, my grandmother has been completely unwilling to tell him anything about his father for her entire life.  It seems strange, and I've always wondered.  Perhaps the numerology of this name exposes who my grandfather might have really been.  Perhaps, by blood, I am related to those who I am trying to expose.  Or perhaps it is all just a coincidence.

With regards to 555, please know this is the height in feet of the Washington Monument, and a word that is coded into 5 of the 13 Original Colonies.  Please understand the following:  E is the 5th letter, N is the 14th letter and W is the 23rd.  They all equal 5 in numerology because 5 = 5, 1+4 = 5 and 2+3 = 5.  Do you get how the letter conversion to numbers works?  If so, you will see how the word "new" = 555.  555 is also often used as a fake phone number in movies and television.  In numerology the word means big change, or bringing for something unprecedented.

The colonies with the numbers 555 coded into them are as follows:
  • 2. Pennsylvania
  • 3. New Jersey
  • 5. Connecticut
  • 9. New Hampshire
  • 11. New York
As for the name Hubbard, it is the same last name as the Scientology founder, also based out of the Pacific NW, L. Ron Hubbard.

HUBBARD = 8+3+2+2+1+9+4 =29 = 11 = 2
L = 12 = 3
RON = 965 = 20 = 2
HUBBARD = 8322194 = 29 = 11 = 2

Moving along to more coincidences- this beautiful girl who I am so grateful to have met, for the first time in a very long time, got me thinking about Christianity.  I'm not really one for religion, but I like spirituality, and I find some that I know about the Bible to be interesting.  Knowing what I know of the Bible so far makes me wonder if all the religions have the same elements of truth, but man has corrupted and separated these holy texts over the course of time for sinister reasons.  Not long after getting these thoughts in my mind for the first time in a long time, the Chemical Weapons Damascus, Syria Attack of August 21, 2013, the night of a blue moon, happened.  When I heard talk of war with Syria immediately after, I knew that might mean a much bigger war in the region, so I was really put on edge.  I'm already burnt out from war, I have been since we first invaded Afghanistan in response to 9/11.  I knew these wars were based in lies from the beginning and I've wanted to stop it more than anything.  In the time I've been speaking out, most people keep telling me trying to stop war is impossible and even madness.  I don't believe that.  I know Natives once lived where I now live, who lived in harmony with each other and the earth.  Further, I heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLKJ, four letters from alphabet counting down in perfect sequence)(13,12,11,10 or 4,3,2,1 and four numbers counting down in perfect sequence, assassinated April 4.) speak about courage and standing up for what is right, no matter what, if you know it is right.

For a lot of years I think I've listened to the wrong advice and ignored the right advice.  From my years at Arizona State University, a city located on the 33rd Parallel, I was twice told that I reminded professors of Kurt Vonnegut with my writing style.  The first time I heard the comparison, I didn't know who Kurt Vonnegut was because I was 18 and didn't read much at the time.  The second time I was compared to him, I began to read his work starting with Cat's Cradle.  Cat's Cradle is about Ice-nine , a government technology that can destroy the whole world by freezing all things liquid.  The moral of the story is, should governments have such power, so that they can secretly develop technologies that have the capability of destroying the earth?  The second teacher to urge me to write, was Kerrie Savage, also a Oregon native.  She said that she knew I would get published if I worked at my craft.  It is now ten years later, I'm taking her advice.  Her initials KS = 1119, the number representing the Knights of Templar.  Strange.  Do number sequences have certain powers?  (K=11th Letter, S=19th Letter)

After reading Vonnegut a few times, I was hooked because in his books I saw truth put forth in a funny way that helped me feel more enlightened from reading it.  In other words, it was time well spent.  His last book was A Man Without a Country, written when he was tired of the world and at the end of his life.  He wrote, "If God were alive today, he'd be an atheist."  I pretty much agreed with his sentiments, or at least where hew as coming from.  It seemed that no matter how bad things got, no one seemed to care.  How could God tolerate this?  Why would he create us this way?  Kurt Vonnegut was disappointed to be a part of this country and sad about the state of affairs in the world, and so have I been.  Now, nearly another decade later, it seems tragedy has become more embedded and even less of a thought than it ever was before when it occurs.  As a society we collectively say, leave me alone, I just want to get on with my life.  The problem is, that mentality and way of operating is systematic and hurting us.  While we ignore the realities of today, politicians make changes that negatively impact our life, such as the Tran Pacific Partnership that is currently in the works and set to cost tens of millions of jobs and lost wages.  Collectively, we must stop and change for the better, even if it means sacrifice.  We have to do it for ourselves and for all the future generations.  If we don't, well, that is what is to be seen.

And one last but important point on strange life coincidences:
There was a time when I was spending the summer in Arizona while my mom was at home alone.  In that summer, she had a contractor working on her home, who she found out was ripping her off.  She fired him.  He got very angry and began making threats.  My mom did not feel safe so she asked me to come home.  On the day after getting back in town, I was driving from her house to the store to buy new locks to put on the home.  While on the way there, this man was driving crazy and literally swerved around a corner, smashing into the front of my car, while I was stopped at a stop sign.  I still remember the expression on his face as our windshields came nearly face to face.  After a minute or so, he got out of the car and apologized, said he was just upset about a fight he had had.  While we were on the side of the street exchanging insurance information and calling the police, my mother drove by.  The guy who had just ran into me, said to my mother, "What the fuck are you doing here Donna?"  Donna is my mother, and this man who had crashed into me, was the man she was afraid of.  Perhaps he was on his way to her house to do something crazy.  Life is strange.

When you're born on the coldest day in recorded history, maybe these types of things just happen to you.

My sister, who I mentioned earlier, doesn't care much for this numbers talks that I blog about.  I recently talked to her husband and her about the Mary and Jesus three and eleven connection, and thirty-three.  While I was telling them, they both acknowledged a coincidence in their lives, that both of their father's were born on March 11, or 3/11.  When they had their first of four children, they named him Sam.  SAM = 19+1+13 = 33, like Uncle Sam.  Combined, they have fathers with date's of birth that are 3/11, and they named their first born Sam, which is equal to 33, which is equal to 3 x 11.  Strange!

A Note on December 10:
Perhaps December 10, the day the satellites captured "unofficially" the record breaking temperature was a powerful day of connections.  Either way, the day was surely very cold.  For myself personally, I wrote on this blog December 10, I had a discovery about Fukushima catastrophe foreshadowing from a March 22, 2007 Reuters article.  The eve before December 10, I was writing about the coming four blood red moons in 2014 and 2015 and what that might mean for us in the future.  Prior to that I had written about Fukushima and the Revelation Prophecy correlation.  Since Fukushima occurred, I've been a lit bit on edge because the date seemed strange, being 3/11/11.  At this point in history, I'd started to notice a patter with 9/11 and 11 looking through world tragedies.  March and April also seemed to be curious months as well with the large number of tragedies respectively occurring in them.  Since then I've learned about 311 and 911 connections, as well as many others.  If you browse this blog with those key words, you will find articles that describe the phenomenon I am revealing.

A Note on the Trinity of My Mother, Father and I:
Our life numbers are 34, 31, 31.  Combined, that sums to 96.  96 is a reversed Yin-Yang.  In a strange way, the symbolism of the number makes much sense with the dynamic between the three of us.  We're not out of harmony, but we have a strange harmony.  The numerology of 96, is 6.  Six represents the flaws of man.  Life has always pulled me towards six.  My first apartment was #6, 211 Valley St.  My first home was 6 232nd Pl.  The love of my life, is the sixth born, and so on.

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