Monday, January 20, 2014

Why the word 'the'? A theory on how "the" came to be.

Have you ever taken the time to think about the word "the"?  Such a short word and such a strange word in the ways the letters come together.  At the same time, an often overlooked word for how often it is used in the English language.  One could say the word the is easily taken for granted.  However, without 'the', it would be hard to form sentences and speech as we so often do.  In our language, the word 'the' is a permanent staple, as essential to our language as oxygen is to all things living.  The word could have just as easily been a different combination of letters, but it isn't, it is the, t-h-e.

With that said, imagine you were a people and you had the privilege of creating a new language.  Further, imagine that before the creation of your new language, you were already fixated on numbers and had special feelings about special numbers; in turn making some numbers more sacred than others.  Perhaps 33, for many different reasons, could come to be the most special number of all to these numbers and the same people who are inventing this new language.

In their new language, they decide they want to make the number 33 as prevalent as possible.  How could it be accomplished?  Well, of course it could be accomplished by making the most often word used, out of all words in the language, equal to 33.  In English, that word is "the".  Let us examine the numerology of this word.

T = 20th letter of alphabet
H = 8th letter of alphabet
E = 5th letter of alphabet

20+8+5 = 33 = the

Perhaps you're reading this and going so what!  What is special about 33?

Let us begin with The Bible, where Jesus performed 33 miracles before being crucified at 33.  In the Book of Genesis, depending on translation, the word 'God' is used exactly 33 times.  Further, the word AMEN, is also equal to 33.

A = 1st letter of alphabet
M = 13th letter of alphabet
E = 5th letter of alphabet
N = 14th letter of alphabet

1+13+5+14 = 33

As we know, the United States was founded by 33rd Degree Freemasons who originated from Britain.  In establishing this nation, they coded everything from our flag, to our state names, to important dates, with the number 33.  Later in history, a secret society of elites would emerge at Yale's University in Connecticut.  Members of this society refer to themselves as "Bonesmen".  Let us decode Bonesmen, using the Pythagorean method.

BONESMEN = 2+6+5+5+1+4+5+5 = 33

Thirty-three is a powerful number, a sacred number, a historic number, and one that is coded all around us.  Is it possible, the English language was built with the thought of helping release the power of 33, through the repeated use of the word "the"?  To this author, it is entirely possible, and makes sense within the larger scheme of things.  Also, stranger things have happened.

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