Friday, January 10, 2014

CNN's "11 Extreme Weather Records"

Today, January 10, 2014, CNN released an article titled "11 Extreme Weather Records".  I find four things curious about this article.

1.  The title chose to use the number 11.  Why?  CNN has a history of doing this, as I demonstrated here in an December 15 post by linking their article "11 places to go in 2014".
2.  The next article linked at the bottom of "11 Extreme Weather Records" is "22 travel records".  Recall, 11, 22 and 33 are master numbers, and very important to the Freemasons.  Is it possible, CNN is into this numerology thing as well?
3.  Today is January 10, the numerology of that could be 10+1 (Where 10 represents the day and 1 represents the month) = 11.  The full date is January 10, 2014.  2014 in numerology = 2+0+1+4 = 7.  Combined, we get 7 and 11, or 7/11.
4.  I learned something new from this article.  The coldest day in the history of  earth, in the time man has recorded such things, was July 21, 1983.  On this same day, I was born into the world at 7:11 pm.

According to WMO, the lowest temperature noted was -89.2 C, recorded on July 21, 1983, in Vostok, Antarctica. Yes, Celsius, not Fahrenheit. In the latter, that's minus 128.5 degrees.

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