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Facebook argument turns to 9/11 Truth vs Believing the 9/11 Official Story (Why the latter is tricked-into-treason)

My friend Liam said my blog is no different than this.  What do you think?

Yesterday my friend and I got into an argument on facebook about what this blog is about and the events of 9/11.  He said this blog equated to purse nonsense and shenanigans, which is frustrating to me because I know he is consciously choosing to dismiss the information presented here for the purpose of protecting his worldview that he has developed over the course of living thirty years on this planet, and having the background of a well to do middle class male who is a citizen of the United States of America.  If you're my age or older, when we were kids, such a cyber argument was not even a possibility- barely a dream; no facebook, no internet, no blog.  With all of its flaws, this technology does have some serious advantages from ease of research to communication. My favorite part about this technology, if I had to say, is that on a certain level it fits are vicarious needs and helps us learn about each other in a way that we would probably otherwise not.  We are a vicarious population, no doubt about it, being that we enjoy watching things and thinking about other people's realities via television, movies and mainstream gossip.  I think on 90% of the first dates I've ever been on women have asked if I enjoy people watching.  Point is, this way of viewing the world is so common.  We've been raised to be this way from a very young age; we haven't had an opportunity to be anything different. 

The problem with being this way is it isn't helping us be happier and wiser people.  By most accounts, being happy and wise are important qualities a human desires and depends on.  You'd think for as long as we spend in school in years and days and hours, we'd be a lot further ahead in these regards.  Many nations do much more with much less.  Look at all the Indians occupying the math and science positions from public universities to the technology sector, while many U.S. citizens are completely unemployed because their skills are no longer needed; they're pretty much obsolete in this current society.  You can say to that person that they should work harder, and judge them, but the truth is society should also be better geared to serve them and make use of their skills. 

We can employ all these people with logical cultural shifts, such as bringing agriculture back in a major way.  Imagine a world with fresh, local produce, at affordable prices.  It could be that way!  An organic tomato shouldn't cost $3 while a beef burger costs $1 across the street.  It is this way because of the system we live in!  Don't you see that?  Our government could fund the reestablishment of local agriculture but they don't and for a reason.  That reason is this government's purpose is not us, it is a mission, a mission that is a secret but at the same time, right in front of our face's, non-stop.  It involves a lot of war and destruction and rebuilding.  It involves mega corporations and banks instead of local community institutions.  It needs constant money generators, and there is a lot of money in destruction and rebuilding.  When you think deeper about it, you see how healthcare system works that way too.  Instead of prevention, it is about getting sick and then hitting you with the expensive treatments.  For what?  So doctors can pay back their extremely expensive medical school loans and investors can get their return on the drugs that are hustled by Publicly Traded Companies?  See, it all goes back to the loans and money, what the bankers also control.  That is why they put their all seeing eye on the money, because they know it has us on lockdown. 

I am showing the mathematical and historical proof that this is a real conspiracy, existing since before the creation of the nation.  The people who are behind this conspiracy very much believe in the power of numbers.  When you learn about numerology and gematria, and then study the landmarks of the nation, from the 555 foot tall Washington Monument, to the name of the the first State Delaware.  You start to see that 555 being used as movie/television phone numbers is about something deeper.  If you can't comprehend it, or don't understand it, you should ask for clarification, not dismiss the information such as my friend has done in mocking fashion.  If you believe all of this is a ridiculous conspiracy, you are denying a lot of coincidences.  Would you please where the badge of Coincidence Theorist if you believe everything written here is a coincidence, as my friend Liam does?

In the news now: a story we have heard many times told many different ways, France's President is sleeping with an actress and cheating on his wife.  Seriously, why do we care about other people's sex lives whether they be congressmen or celebrities?  Why is that so interesting?  Why is that more important and bigger news than the National Defense Authorization or the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is supposed to cost the nations millions of jobs and even lower wages?  We live in a society of fantasy and mass distraction, but we love it, we're addicted to it, and on a large scale, we're in denial about this.  Everyone knows it is true.  You know it is true.  Why do you accept it?  Do you see that there are consequences for us being this way?

Since I have been 18, I've been aware of the ship that is being built around us.  Less jobs, lower wages, loss of liberties, more war.  And for what?  A 9/11 event that thousands of professional pilots and engineers have spoken out against, asking for real investigations to be done into the September 11 events.  The 9/11 Commission Report does not even address building 7, which fell eight hours after the first two towers collapsed.  Why would they omit something as significant?  Pilots have said the final bank into the World Trade Center would have been impossible without the wings being torn off because of the sheer force of the maneuver.   These plane wings however, they not only stayed on, they shredded right through concrete and steel without dropping a single inch of plane material outside of the building.  With these kind of miracles, perhaps we should look into if Osama bin Laden was the coming of the Lord!  What a miracle!  In all seriousness about the plane wings, the 9/11 Commission Report says the wings of the plane that hit the Pentagon did not damage the building because they were too light in weight and were sucked into the explosions instantly from the nose  colliding with the building.  Yet, we've all seen the footage of the plane wings tear through the steel and concrete of the World Trade Centers like nothing; literally nothing.  They never even found a scrap of the plane!  This is a sharp contrast from the Bomber plane that crashed into the Empire State Building at the end of World War II.  Most of that plane fell to the streets of New York below.  This make sense, seeing as how steel and concrete should crush a lightweight plane, meant for flying and gliding, not for being strong, dense, resistant and sturdy.

Further, engineers, long careers, more than twenty-thousand in the United States, have spoken out against 9/11 and how the towers could have never collapsed as they did would have required heavy explosives or thermite.  Since this lie of 9/11- from who is to be blamed, to who to go to war with- has been achieved against our nation, by both foreign and domestic enemies, the country and much of the world has been worse off in terms of violence and the pursuit of happiness.  It is thirteen years later, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein have been dead for many years, along with millions of other people.  Iraq, Afghanistian, and essentially the Middle East Region are in worse chaos than they've ever been in.  Iraq is a bloodbath.  Did you know we sent troops back to Iraq this past December?

I see why everyone wants to be so silent, it is easier to fit in and not think about things.  As they say, ignorance is bliss...but who is they?  I know we all have to pay the bill and many grind to do it.  There isn't much time for anything else, and you don't want to think about what's bad.  You just want to laugh and have a good time.  That is understandable, but we're being lead to slaughter by a concentrated conspiracy.  Most people don't realize this, but the Wizard of Oz, the book, is about this same conspiracy I am trying to reveal.  In the book, the road is gold, and Dorothy's slippers are silver, not red, as they are made in the movie.  The point of the story is to emphasize that the bankers, gold and silver, who run the world, the New World Order, or the 555 World Order, sometimes marked with 555 foot Obelisks in Nation's Capitals, are out to exploit us for every drop of wealth they can achieve.  To stop this however, all we have to do is stand up to them!  Just as they did in Iceland.  By not standing up to them in the United States enough, they have maintained this system exploitation by banking and laws for hundreds of years, with slight gaps in their reign in power and their return usually marked by bloodshed, from Zachary Taylor to Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy.

In history, either one generation will bring an end to this madness, or the madness will bring an end to them.  The writing is on the wall as to what is coming- from the world spread wars, to more people falling into poverty and slave like work conditions, to disease outbreaks, to dying oceans, to dying forests, to the desertification of many lands.  That is why we need to wake up.  Major events are on the horizon.  I think by the end of 2016, we will all see what the post-9/11 world has been building towards, which has also been engineered by those who govern from the shadows, what this blog is dedicated to exposing.  If you want to know what I've done, here is the short list:  changed my diet, dedicated my talents to working with youth instead of for money (I gave up a job that paid $2000 a week for one that paid $10.15 an hour), changed how I consume and a whole lot more, all with the thought in mind that I want to do something better for the world.  For my decisions, I've gotten a lot of grief, from being a vegetarian to choosing to work for a purpose other than money.  I know it is just a product of living in a society and at a time where people were deliberately raised to behave and think backwards, for a purpose other than their own.  That is something worth the effort of ending.  These people have been tricked into treason.

To see if you're like Liam, being tricked into being treasonous against yourself and your own nation, look at the following information and then say it is equal to what is posted in the picture from the top of the post (Cute Purple Dinosaur graphic) he says is "no different":
Freemasons have a highest Degree of 33.  The majority of the founders of this Nation were Masons, including George Washington.  With that in mind, the First State is Delaware and has both a numerology and founding date equating to 33.   Delaware was established Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1787.  Here is the proof:
Delaware = 4+5+3+1+5+1+9+5 = 33
12/7/1787 = 1+2+7+1+7+8+7 = 33
Much more 13 Colony Numerology here.

These events all happened in 1968.  George W. Bush graduated from College and Skull and Bones, 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code, and the World Trade Center construction began.  MLK and RFK were also assassinated.  Further, Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was once shot, was reopened for the first time since his assassination.  Also, Space Oddysey 2001 was released, a movie about technology overtaking man.  Thirty-three years later, 2001, George W. Bush would take the White House and September 11, bringing 9-1-1 and the World Trade Centers together, would both occur.  Is it all a coincidence?  Let us examine George W. Bush's birthday.  July 6, 1946 = 7+6+1+9+4+6 = 33.  Let us also recall the Tribute to 9/11, ran from March 11, to April 14, a span of 33 nights.  Talk about in your face.

 I repeat, is it all coincidence?  Do you want to continue being tricked into treason against yourself?  You're only helping destroy this world for your children and their children and beyond.  That's all.

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PS  Zachary Taylor was trying to stop the coming Civil War, he died of eating too many cucumbers and drinking too much warm milk in the sun while not feeling well.

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